Magic Eraser ،Best site to remove objects from photos

Magic Eraser ،
Magic Eraser ،
Despite what many say, it is no longer necessary to have knowledge of Photoshop to remove an object from a photo, as there are applications and websites that allow anyone to simply and quickly remove an object from a photo. If you need to remove something from an image and don't know how to do it, the Magic Eraser website will give you the tools you need to do so.
This web page contains artificial intelligence capable of replacing any object with the background of the selected image...
By copying the background edges of the tagged object to remove it from the image, Magic Eraser is able to 'simulate' what the image would look like if that object wasn't inside it.

It is important to clarify that it is not necessary to have any knowledge of photo editing, since all this work is done automatically (the user only has to color the object he wants to remove).

Inside Magic Eraser, you will need to either drag the image you want to edit, or click the white button to upload it.
- Select the photo you want to edit.
- The color of the object you want to remove from the image.
- Click the "Delete" button.
- Within seconds, Magic Eraser will erase the object you have colored.
It should be noted that this website is compatible with computers and mobile devices, although we recommend that you use a computer to be able to colorize the objects you want to remove more accurately