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The method of locking the Google Chrome browser with a password is one of the advanced privacy options that many users are not aware of despite its importance. Lock your browser with a password that prevents hackers from accessing your accounts or tampering with your data on various websites on the Internet.How to lock Google Chrome or Edge browser with a password to protect your privacy?

To enhance your security and protect your browser with a password, you do not have to do a lot of things, just download a tiny extension that is freely available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera and easily set it up to secure and enhance the security of your browsing history on the Internet.

1- Lock the browser using the Set password for your browser extension

The password set tool is one of the Google Chrome extensions that is very good at adding an icon to close the browser. The tool is also available in the Opera browser.

- You will be directed to the extension page on the store, click add to chrome and then click add extension
A small window will appear at the top of the screen to put the secret code to lock the browser and press Save
- The browser will then be closed and no one will be allowed to browse except with the lock number you chose.

2- Browser Lock Extension Add-on

- Create a password, then retype it to confirm, then type your email address in the third rectangle.
Pin the extension to your browser bar to easily access it afterwards. To be able to do this, click on the extensions icon from the top right of the browser and from the dropdown menu, click on the Pin icon to pin the extension to the ribbon.
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