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If you want to enter the world of the Metaverse, you must create a virtual version of you that represents you in the digital spaces, this copy will be a 3D model of you, and it does not have to look exactly like you, where you can modify it according to your desire.

Therefore, today we will review how to create a 3D virtual version of you so that you can enter the world of metaverse easily.

First, what is a metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world, it is simply a computer-generated environment in which people interact with each other, so there are no conditions or standards for the form of virtual copies that represent humans, as you can enter it using any 3D model, whether it represents a human, animal, or a mythical creature. But it is better to enter it with a 3D model that looks like you so that others can recognize you and interact with you.

There are now a number of Metavirus applications including: Meta Horizon Worlds, Roblox, VRChat and many more. To get into it you need a VR headset which can get pricey, but you can still explore some metaverse experiences without one, so we'll explain how to create a virtual version for free without the need for these headsets.

SECONDLY; How do you create your own 3D virtual version?

All you need to create a virtual version of you is a photo of your face, not a professional photo, you can take a selfie on the phone, then follow these steps:
-Go to (readyplayer.me) a free site to create full-body 3D models for use in virtual worlds, such as games and metaverses.
-Click on Create avatar, then choose your gender, male or female.
-Click on the Take a Photo option to upload your photo, and if you prefer not to upload a photo, click on the continue without a photo option at the bottom of the screen, and choose one of the previously prepared templates.
Once you upload your image, the site will create a 3D model for you that looks like this image. You can modify and customize this model as you like.
You can customize the skin tone, the shape and color of the eyes, the shape of the nose, eyebrows and lip, the choice of hairstyle and hair color, the choice of formal or sportswear, glasses, face masks and accessories.
Once you have completed the customization; Click on the (Enter Hub) option in the upper-right corner of the screen, the site will display the form it created.
Click on the "My Avatars" option in the side menu to be able to download the template and use it on any website or game.
Click on the three dots at the top of the form's image, then click on the (Download avatar .glb) option. You will save the form on your device to download it later in any site.

Third; How do you enter the world of metavirs with your virtual copy?

Now that you have created your virtual version, you can use it in any virtual world or electronic game, and (readyplayer.me) provides you with a set of virtual worlds that you can explore for free.

To explore these virtual worlds you can follow these steps:

After creating your virtual copy on (readyplayer.me), click on the Discover Apps option in the side menu, you will find dozens of virtual worlds, including worlds that allow you to invite friends to enjoy with them in the world of metaverses such as: VRChat, or the world of (Meeting VR). ) which allows you to conduct virtual meetings with others.
If you want to enter the world (Meeting VR), for example, tap it in the list of virtual worlds.
Click on the option (Connect avatar) to import your virtual version that you created, and upload it to the (Meeting VR) platform. But you must create an account in the virtual worlds you choose to access first.
(readyplayer.me) is just one way to create your virtual version and enter the world of metaverse, and if you prefer to create your virtual version directly within the virtual world you want to live in. Another platform called Synthesia allows you to create a digital version of yourself that looks less like a cartoon and looks like a real person.

Creating a virtual copy for digital worlds may be a new concept, but it is already a profitable business for many, as there are services to create custom virtual copies and their prices range from a few hundred dollars to $ 10,000.
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