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Google launches the new reading mode.. How to activate it on any Android phone of any type

Google is constantly adding new features to Android to improve the user experience. Many of these functions focus on providing better accessibility options for those users who have some kind of deficiency that prevents them from using their mobile phones normally. They recently added a new mode that makes reading easier for people with low vision, blindness, and dyslexia.

The new reading mode in Android is full of customization options that will allow you to read on your mobile screen the way you want. It lets you adjust contrast, change text size, enable text-to-speech, correct page jitter, choose font, and much more. And unlike Chrome's reading mode, this new reading mode works on both web pages and apps. Let's see how it works...
The new Android Reading Mode is compatible with any phone running Android 9 Pie or higher.If your mobile phone meets this requirement, install it by downloading the new "Reading mode" app from the Google Play Store. It only takes up about 15MB of your phone's space. Once you have this app installed on your mobile phone, follow these steps to activate the new Android reading mode:

-Open the application.
-The application will receive a presentation of all the options offered by the new reading mode. Click Continue > Settings.
- You will go to the accessibility menu on your mobile phone. There, select Reading Mode and turn on the Read Mode Accessibility Scheme option. Grant the necessary permissions for that.
Now, you will see the reading mode icon on one edge of the screen. Tap this icon to activate reading mode in any app or webpage you want to use.
You will not be able to turn on reading mode in some applications, such as email, because they are not supported. However, with most of the apps we tested, it works perfectly.
- Application link: Reading mode
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