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Streaming service Netflix introduced the Netflix Games as part of its new membership subscription.You may be wondering how to access the library of Netflix exclusive games, which is why we have prepared a handy guide that shows exactly how to download and install these titles on your Android device. But before that, please note that you must already be an active Netflix subscriber and have an Android 8.0+ device.

How to go to Netflix Games using the Netflix app

Download and install the Netflix app from the Google Play Store, or get the install from the Play Store tool.
 Launch the Netflix app and sign in with your login credentials.
 On the Netflix home page, click Games in the toolbar at the bottom of the page.
 You are now on the Netflix Games home page. You can browse and search for game titles and watch trailers right on this page.

How to install and play Netflix mobile games

Open the Netflix app, and tap Games.
Browse the homepage to choose a game to install, and tap the image icon.

You are now on the game application page. Click on Get Game > Go to Play Store.

  • You will be redirected to the game on the Play Store.
  •  Click Install to start installing your game. You can also search for any mobile Netflix title within the Play Store to bypass opening the Netflix app to find your games.
  •  After installing your game, you can find it on your home screen.
To start your game, click on the game icon. Alternatively, you can also launch the game through the app's menu in the Play Store or directly within the Netflix app.
Once the game opens, locate and click on your Netflix profile. Your progress is saved to the profile you selected.

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