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Tired of showing your face in the WhatsApp profile picture? If your answer is 'yes', the most used messaging app in the world gives you the possibility to use your own 'avatar' as your profile picture.
Avatar within WhatsApp
Thanks to the inclusion of the expected avatars, also present on Instagram and Facebook, any user can place their profile picture. Despite the fact that it seems like a very complicated procedure to perform, WhatsApp has introduced a function that makes the said procedure very simple.

Before we show you the method, it is necessary that you create your own custom avatar on WhatsApp. If you have already created it, you can use it as a profile picture by following each of the steps that we leave you here:

-The first thing you need to do is open the WhatsApp application on your mobile device.
-Once you are in the respective messaging application, you must click on the three small vertical dots located in the upper right part of the screen.
-A menu will be displayed with several options, click on the menu that says "Settings".
-Enter the section called "avataf".
-Click on the option called “Create a profile picture”.
-Therefore, you will have to choose what pose you want your avatar to be in, as well as the background color.
-After customizing all these parameters, you will have to click on the check mark that appears at the top right of the screen.
-In seconds, WhatsApp will show you the following message "Profile photo updated".
-You can check how your new profile picture will look from your WhatsApp account settings.
Last but not least, it is necessary to clarify that if you modify your WhatsApp avatar, there will be no change to the profile picture you have created, so what does this mean? That you will have to perform all the steps we left you above for the profile picture to update properly.

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