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Nowadays, many children spend several hours a week using phones or tablets, so monitor the content they access, and allow them to use age-appropriate apps and games In order to protect them from psychological and physical harm.

The Google Play Store contains millions of applications and games that cover the needs of all age groups, but some applications may not suit some groups, especially children, so the need to use parental controls built into devices comes to restrict their access to applications and content that do not suit them.

How to activate parental controls in Google Play

Here's how to activate Google Play's parental control feature:

When activating the parental control feature on your Android device, you can select the content that can be downloaded or purchased from Google Play by age group, and to activate it, you can follow these steps:

- Go to Google Play on your phone, or any Android device your kids use.
-Tap the account picture in the top-left corner.
Click on the Settings option.
-Tap the Family section.
-Turn on the Parental controls option by pressing the toggle button next to it.
parental controls in Google Play
-You will be asked to create a personal identification code (PIN). Enter a PIN and confirm it again.
-To restrict access to apps, tap on the Apps & Games option.
-Enter the PIN you created.
-You'll see 5 parental control levels by age group: (Level 3+) Suitable for children 3 years and older (which is the most restrictive option), Level (7+), Level (12+), Level (16+), and Level (18+).
-Choose the level of content you allow your child to access based on their age.
-Click on the (Save) option.
How to activate parental controls in Google Play

How to activate the option to require authentication to purchase apps:

If you want an extra layer of protection, you can enable the option to authenticate before making purchases in the Google Play Store. With this option turned on, purchasing games or apps will require you to enter your password or perform biometric authentication. To do this you can follow these steps:

-Go to Google Play in your phone.
-Tap the account picture in the top-left corner.
-Click on the Settings option.
-Click on the Authentication option.
-Click on the Require authentication for purchases option.
You'll see 3 options: For all purchases through Google Play on this device, Every 30 minute, and Never. Turn on the first option.
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