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Turn your thoughts into songs using Suno on Microsoft's Copilot AI. Here are the steps

Microsoft now allows you to create your own music using the Copilot platform, its latest version of the artificial intelligence generation platform. Microsoft Copilot is the generative artificial intelligence platform that enables users to create textual content, translate languages, and generate various types of creative content, including music.

In recent weeks, Microsoft has announced significant improvements to Copilot, including the integration of GPT-4 Turbo and DALL-E 3, making it compatible with the Stream video calling application.

How to create music with Microsoft Copilot

Copilot has witnessed an amazing new update! Microsoft has officially announced its collaboration with Suno, an artificial intelligence platform for music creation, to introduce an exceptional feature for users. Now, Copilot can transform your ideas into fantastic musical compositions!

According to the official post on the Bing blog, Suno, with its artificial intelligence capabilities, allows you to generate complete songs from a single sentence. This marks a revolutionary shift, enabling individuals without prior music knowledge to use Copilot to create personalized and enjoyable songs.

As seen in the following screenshot... To start creating your personal music using Copilot and Suno, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Microsoft Edge Or chrome  browser and go to the web version of copilot.microsoft.com, then log in using your Microsoft account.

2. Click on the "Extensions" tab and activate the Suno add-on by clicking the key in the top right corner.
How to create music with Microsoft Copilot
Address your request to Copilot with a text description, such as “Create a heart-warming song on a daily basis” or “Create an upbeat motivational song for your gym sessions”...etc.
How to create music with Microsoft Copilot
After completion, Copilot and Suno will create a custom song for you based on the criteria you specified. It will be displayed in a window with a built-in player allowing you to listen and share it with your friends. The song's lyrics will also be shown. Microsoft has confirmed that this new feature has already started rolling out in Copilot and will be available to all users of its core artificial intelligence system in the coming days, and it is currently available in English.
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