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Add this icon to your browser and it will make you upload any video on any site
In many situations, we use websites to search for diverse content ranging from texts and images to videos. However, things can sometimes get complicated, especially when dealing with file formats and using the Chrome browser.

When it comes to extracting video content from the internet, a new challenge arises. Some websites, including social networks and streaming platforms, impose restrictions on downloading videos. Nevertheless, we can bypass these limitations using browser extensions, and one of them is the Video DownloadHelper extension for Google Chrome.

How the Video DownloadHelper tool works in Chrome  

  • This extension can be easily installed on Chrome and other Chromium browsers like Edge via this link [Video DownloadHelper]
  •  After installation, a new icon appears next to the browser's address bar, where Video DownloadHelper allows us to download videos from any site.
One of the main advantages of most of the extensions that we install in the browser is their low consumption of system resources. So, when talking about Video DownloadHelper and adding it to Chrome, a new icon appears next to the browser's address bar.
Video DownloadHelper
Then, simply navigate to the website where you want to download videos. After that, click on the previously mentioned icon until different resolution options appear, allowing us to download multimedia content. It is worth noting that this extension supports the most common formats for directly downloading content.

Moreover, it is compatible with many current websites and quickly detects content. Not only that, but it also enables automatic downloading of images, in addition to its automatic detection of video content.
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