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You might come across malware, applications with inappropriate permissions, or even attempts to spy on your phone to access your data, accounts, or photos. Even familiar individuals might be interested in knowing who you're conversing with or viewing your photos. To ensure the security and privacy of your mobile phone, it's recommended to invest time in scrutinizing applications and verifying if any app has control over your device.
This hidden section of your phone you should enter to see if there is a person or an application spying on you

The hidden section of your phone to know if there is a person or apps spying on you 

Knowing which apps are spying on you or controlling you on your Android mobile has never been much easier than you might imagine. You can do this through your mobile settings, where the system will alert you if you are in a dangerous situation or if there is cause for concern (at least for now). If you notice that your phone is exhibiting strange behavior, is not working properly, or you feel that someone is spying on you, we recommend checking the situation.

How to explore different applications and the permissions required for each of them on Android 

You can find out by exploring various apps and the permissions required for each, which demonstrate how apps utilize different permissions. You can easily access this information through the privacy settings available on your mobile phone, although the method to reach these settings may vary depending on the type of smartphone you are using.

Here are the general steps that apply to many mobile phones:
  1.  Open the settings menu on your phone.(Android 12)
  2. Look for the section related to security and privacy.
  3. Choose the privacy option.
  4.  You will be prompted to access the privacy dashboard.
  5. Review the list of apps and the permissions granted to each app.
  6. You can modify, add, or remove permissions from there.
How to explore different applications and the permissions required for each of them on Android
You can also check any app you have by long-pressing it on the home screen, seeing the permissions the app requires, and adjusting them.

What are the most sensitive or risky permissions?

Before delving into analyzing the impact of applications on your device, it is crucial to identify the potential risks. To do this, knowing the permissions granted to the applications becomes paramount. Trusting your instincts, if you notice an unfamiliar permission in an app, it's essential to investigate, as it could be a harmful application or one engaged in spying.

In popular applications like Facebook, Instagram, Pokemon Go, and others, they typically request necessary permissions, posing minimal risk. However, sensitivity arises if other apps request the same permissions without your knowledge.

During your analysis, look for apps with these permissions and check for any suspicious activities. If you harbor doubts about a particular app's reliability, uninstall it and scrutinize the permissions it had access to. If unsure, you can either remove permissions or uninstall the app to enhance security.
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