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There's reassuring news for those longing for an alternative app. Fortunately, you can still relish a similar experience by exploring other YouTube Vanced alternatives tailored for Android devices. To streamline your search, here are some widely embraced alternatives worth considering. Although YouTube Vanced has long been favored for its ad-free and unrestricted video watching, boasting robust features absent in the official YouTube app, the app's operations abruptly ceased in March 2022. This sudden halt came after the Vanced organization faced legal pressure from Google, prompting an immediate shutdown. This turn of events has left users disheartened, especially those who relied on YouTube Vanced to bypass ads and viewing limitations.
Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2024 (19 Apps with Download Links)

Links to the best alternatives to YouTube Vanced 

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Above all, YouTube requires a paid YouTube Premium subscription to get rid of ads and advanced features

» ReVanced Manager

The best alternative to the Vanced app, built upon the original Vanced project with regular updates and automatic reboots if suspended. ReVanced was born out of Vanced's cessation, aiming to carry forward its legacy. With ReVanced Patcher, it's possible to create long-term patches for almost any Android app. The ReVanced patching system is designed to allow patches to work on new app versions automatically with minimal maintenance.

» YouTube ReVanced

ReVanced stands out as an exceptional free alternative to both the official YouTube app and the now-defunct Vanced app. Offering users comparable benefits to Vanced, it includes all the perks of YouTube Premium, such as ad-free viewing, background playback, picture-in-picture functionality, and the ability to skip ads in videos.

What distinguishes ReVanced is its straightforward interface and user-friendly approach to its diverse features. However, installing it requires following specific steps. Initially, you'll need to download the Vanced MicroG app, as it's essential for ReVanced operation. Subsequently, you'll also need to acquire the ReVanced Manager app. Once these two apps are installed, you can then sideload the ReVanced app using the same method employed for Vanced MicroG and ReVanced Manager.

To obtain these apps, you can visit their respective official websites:

» ReVanced Extended

ReVanced Extended continues the legacy of the Vanced app, providing users with the familiar Vanced interface and its full range of features, complemented by the perks of YouTube Premium. Head to the GitHub page to access and download the microG and Vanced ReVanced APK files, with MicroG facilitating seamless login to your Google account. For those seeking an alternative to the Vanced app, ReVanced Extended stands out as the ideal option for transition.

» NewPipe

This application holds significant importance in its domain, boasting a lengthy history that even predates Vanced. Furthermore, it's completely free and open-source, offering a plethora of impressive features including background playback, picture-in-picture mode, video downloading capabilities, and more. Notably, the app receives regular updates, with a strong focus on privacy from its developers. It's worth mentioning that NewPipe functions smoothly on devices without Google services and allows for seamless transfer of videos from the official YouTube app for playback. However, one drawback is the inability to log into your YouTube account within NewPipe.

» SmartTube

SmartTube offers a compelling alternative to the native YouTube app for smart TVs and tablets. It mirrors features found in Vanced, including ad-blocking capabilities. Furthermore, it allows seamless control via the TV remote and supports video playback in resolutions up to 8K. Users can also send videos from their phones and utilize them for media playback. Notably, SmartTube is entirely free of charge.

» LibreTube

LibreTube presents itself as a viable alternative to Vanced, boasting a variety of essential features that might pique your interest. Notably, the app employs Piped technology, ensuring it doesn't directly link to Google's servers. Essentially, it utilizes an intermediary server, offering an added layer of privacy between you and Google. Moreover, LibreTube provides the option to select from several servers, enabling users to create an account on their preferred server for channel subscriptions, without the need to subscribe to any Google service. This emphasis on privacy renders LibreTube a dependable alternative.

» iTube

Another cost-free substitute for the YouTube Vanced application is iTube, compatible with Android devices and boasting premium functionalities. This application substantially diminishes loading duration and battery usage, alongside enabling offline video playback and playlist management. With its intuitive interface, iTube allows users to seamlessly sign in with their Google Accounts and includes an ad-blocking feature.

» Sky Tube Extra

The Sky Tube Extra app offers users the opportunity to enjoy official YouTube videos without the inconvenience of ads or sponsored content disrupting their viewing experience. This release of Sky Tube Extra is designed to tackle the common issues encountered by users of the basic version, which often faces playback problems. Notable features include a built-in ad and sponsor blocker, along with the ability to skip the intros and outros of YouTube videos. The app also includes intuitive gesture-based controls for adjusting screen brightness and volume levels, as well as convenient one-tap access to viewing comments. Additionally, users can seamlessly import their YouTube subscriptions and directly download videos to their device. Furthermore, the app provides insights such as the number of dislikes on a video, among other features.

» SongTube

The SongTube app is an open-source application, which means it's freely available for download, redistribution, and modification by anyone. This versatile app allows users to easily download either video clips or audio-only files, with the added flexibility to choose preferred file formats and video quality.

SongTube enables users to download individual songs or entire playlists in audio format, offering a unique feature to adjust audio settings using its built-in equalizer. Moreover, it comes equipped with a built-in ad blocker to ensure uninterrupted user experience without annoying ads.

What distinguishes SongTube even further is its independence from Google services, eliminating concerns about personal data tracking. Additionally, it supports both dark and light modes, providing enhanced user experience customization.

» GoTube

GoTube is a good alternative option for Vanced if you prefer a hassle-free app associated with the Google Play Store. Distinct from other apps that can be installed by downloading an APK file from the side, GoTube features a new interface and a cool blue design, with an ad-free platform and all YouTube features, including support for connecting to a Google account and more.

» VueTube

VueTube is a robust alternative to YouTube, providing users with uninterrupted access to their favorite channel's content. Its sleek design ensures a seamless user experience, complemented by handy features like speed adjustment and video quality selection. Although it's still under development and lacks certain functionalities like playlist management, VueTube remains a promising choice for those seeking an ad-free YouTube experience.

» Igeblock

As we continue our quest for robust alternatives to both the Vanced app and YouTube itself, we're excited to introduce you to Igeblock. This app serves as a dependable solution for those seeking an ad-free YouTube experience, free from interruptions. Igeblock closely resembles the design of the original YouTube website, ensuring an authentic user experience with no alterations to the interface, which means there's no option for UI customization. In terms of functionality, the app closely mirrors the standard YouTube experience, even supporting Google account logins.

In addition to its primary features, Igeblock offers support for background video playback and picture-in-picture (PIP) mode, providing users with a comprehensive range of video playback options. It also boasts gesture controls for video playback and a variety of other diverse features.

» Pure Tuber

Although this app doesn't support downloading videos from YouTube, it is useful in many other aspects. Users can take advantage of it to avoid annoying ads while watching, and also to play clips in the background and while the screen is locked. In addition, YouTube clips can be watched in different quality, whether low quality or high quality, depending on the user's preferences.

» Snaptube

Snaptube is renowned as an exceptional app, offering seamless video downloads from YouTube directly to your Android device. Personally, I've relied on this app for years, finding it immensely beneficial, particularly due to its versatile download options and video playback features. With Snaptube, you can effortlessly download videos in your preferred quality and even convert them to MP3 audio files with just a few taps. Experience the rest for yourself, as it delivers a delightful and user-friendly way to download and enjoy video content on your smartphone effortlessly.

» Minitube

An app similar to YouTube that allows you to watch all the content available on the platform. One of the great features of MiniTube is the ability to minimize the playback window, allowing you to watch videos while you use other apps and functions on your device. Plus, you can play video in the background, allowing you to listen to audio even when you're locking the screen or using another app.

» VidMate

VidMate offers Android users a convenient way to watch YouTube videos and download content from various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, among others. With support for over 1000 websites, users can access a wide range of content from different sources. Additionally, VidMate includes a built-in video and music player, allowing users to enjoy their favorite videos and songs according to their preferences. Furthermore, the app provides access to multiple sources for images, enabling users to explore and download the images they want to save. Explore more features for yourself!

» Brave

Instead of relying on app alternatives like YouTube Vanced, we recommend trying Brave, one of the best privacy-oriented browsers. Brave does not collect or share your data with any third party, plus it includes a built-in ad blocker that blocks annoying ads on various sites on the Internet. Hence, we recommend that you download Brave and try watching YouTube on it, and you will find a special experience for sure.

» TubeMate

It is considered one of the best apps that specialize in downloading videos from YouTube on Android devices, which is in line with most of the apps mentioned in this article. This app features support for customizing video quality before uploading, multi-upload support, as well as the ability to save videos for offline viewing, convert videos to audio files, watch videos without ads, and many other features that you can explore yourself.
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