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Tips for using LinkedIn professionally for new graduates.

LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms for job searching and networking with professionals in your field of study or work. You can use it to search for a job after graduating from college or university, as it contains various tools that you can use to showcase your work experience and skills and increase your chances of being seen by employers. To find the right job, it is important to know how to use this platform correctly, and the following tips will help you do so: 1- Complete Your Profile: Employers may overlook your profile if important information is missing. Therefore, avoid leaving any sections blank and try to fill in all the available fields in your profile. Add your skills, foreign languages you know, and certifications you have obtained. Write a professional summary about yourself and your skills so that employers can better understand you. 2- Add a professional photo to your profile: Having an official profile picture in your personal file can increase your chan