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Is your Twitter account suspended? Here's how to file an appeal properly, Twitter account recovery

Twitter account suspended  On February 1st of last year, Twitter officially announced a new process for suspended accounts to appeal for reinstatement, which represented a significant change to Twitter's policy on account suspension. It was noted that accounts that engaged in illegal activity, threats of harm or violence, widespread spamming, or platform manipulation outside of the account would still be suspended. Going forward, Twitter would only suspend accounts due to serious or repeated violations of its policies. Now, according to a tweet from the Twitter Safety team, the company is working to provide responses to account appeals in less than 48 hours in most cases, with users being asked to submit appeals directly rather than having someone else submit an appeal on their behalf. They also mentioned some tips for submitting a successful appeal, which we have summarized below: Tips for getting a successful appeal for a suspended Twitter account: Explain the policy violation t