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Using Bing Chat in Google Chrome

Microsoft's AI-powered chatbot, Bing Chat, stands out for its real-time user interactions, providing more accurate and relevant answers to your queries. Bing Chat primarily functions as a search engine, allowing this new feature to access web results and obtain updated information. It is only available on Microsoft's Edge browser. With this extension, you can use Bing Chat on Google Chrome Before installing the Bing Chat extension on Chrome, make sure that the email address associated with your Microsoft account allows you to access it. Also, don't forget to update your Chrome browser. How to add Bing Chat to Chrome? To download the extension from the Chrome Web Store, follow these steps: Go to the following link: [ Bing Chat for All Browsers ] When ready, launch the Google Chrome extension on your desktop (Mac or Windows) by clicking on its icon . A small box will now appear on your screen below the add icon. Click the Open Bing Chat button. Immediately, a new tab will ope