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Learn about the features in Android phone cameras that help you capture professional-grade photos.

Smartphone cameras are one of the most commonly used items in daily life, allowing us to easily capture photos and videos and save them, as well as share them with others online. Modern Android phone cameras have various features that enable users to capture clear and high-quality photos.Below are some of the most prominent features and how to use them to help capture better photos: 1- Professional mode: Enabling Pro mode in the camera app on Android phones allows you to manually adjust a range of camera settings that are typically adjusted automatically by the phone. If you want to adjust shutter speed, ISO settings, and white balance yourself, activate Pro mode by following these steps: Open the camera app on your phone, then click on the "More" button. Click on the "Pro" option and new settings will appear at the bottom and top of the screen, which you can start adjusting according to your preferences. 2- Auto HDR feature: High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology h