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Free Chrome extensions to summarize videos in YouTube 

You may come across many YouTube videos that you want to watch but they are unnecessarily long, and it becomes a real problem when you are looking to get some information quickly and you are forced to watch the entire video to get to it. However, artificial intelligence has a solution to this problem. You can now easily create short and specific summaries of long YouTube videos using browser add-ons that rely on artificial intelligence in their operation. Free Chrome extensions for summarizing YouTube videos by artificial intelligence Whether you need to summarize videos for work or personal use, here are some add-ons to help you: To use the tools, simply click on their name and you will be redirected to their official website to install them.  1- Glarity  : Glarity is an open-source add-on that utilizes the ChatGPT robot to summarize search results and YouTube videos. Once a video is played, the add-on automatically activates and begins creating a summary, which is displayed on the

Using Bing Chat in Google Chrome

Microsoft's AI-powered chatbot, Bing Chat, stands out for its real-time user interactions, providing more accurate and relevant answers to your queries. Bing Chat primarily functions as a search engine, allowing this new feature to access web results and obtain updated information. It is only available on Microsoft's Edge browser. With this extension, you can use Bing Chat on Google Chrome Before installing the Bing Chat extension on Chrome, make sure that the email address associated with your Microsoft account allows you to access it. Also, don't forget to update your Chrome browser. How to add Bing Chat to Chrome? To download the extension from the Chrome Web Store, follow these steps: Go to the following link: [ Bing Chat for All Browsers ] When ready, launch the Google Chrome extension on your desktop (Mac or Windows) by clicking on its icon . A small box will now appear on your screen below the add icon. Click the Open Bing Chat button. Immediately, a new tab will ope

4 AI-powered Chrome Add-ons to Summarize Long YouTube Videos

The global video market occupies a central position among Internet users, who daily search for all kinds of information, including services and products. But what happens when videos are too long and you don't have time to watch them? Now, there are Chrome add-ons to summarize YouTube videos using AI , which will save you time and learn quickly. Currently, artificial intelligence is advancing significantly and plays a major role when summarizing a video. It helps you capture key points in the video and understand the context in an easier way, reading only what you need. These tools will help you understand the most important parts of a YouTube video, whether it's for your work, study, or entertainment. - Eightify We start with Eightify, one of the fastest Chrome plugins for creating video reports on YouTube. It works by extracting key points from the video and compressing the content into a brief summary. The summary includes key points and video highlights, allowing viewers