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How to use AI features in Opera browser

Opera has announced the launch of a new set of features that integrate generative artificial intelligence into its web browsers , Opera Browser and Opera GX. These new features include AI Prompts and access to intelligent chatbots, ChatGPT and ChatSonic, through the sidebar. Before using these new features, they must be activated in the browser. The following steps explain how to activate the AI features in Opera: How to use artificial intelligence features in the Opera browser You can access artificial intelligence features in the Opera browser in Windows and Mac computers, as well as Linux computers, and in the Opera GX browser in Mac and Windows computers by updating your version of the Opera browser or downloading it from the official website . Opera browser's AI features are not automatically enabled when you download or update the browser, and to activate them, follow these steps: 1-Open the Opera or Opera GX browser, then click on the Easy Setup icon located on the right s