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Most of the time, when you are studying you tend to browse other websites which can distract you.In addition, you may have difficulty calculating how much time you have studied in a week, or organizing which notes to focus on.

Therefore, a set of tools has been created to help focus while studying or working with a computer, including what helps organize time, add notes, or save web pages to read at a later time. 

Tools to help students study and boost productivity
Here are 5 tools that can be used to help students study and boost productivity:

1- Pocket tool for saving web pages:

Pocket allows you to save anything in your web browser that you want to read, listen to, or watch later.

For example: If you come across an article that's too long, and you don't have time to read it all, you can use Pocket to save it and continue reading at another time.

Pocket provides a convenient reading environment free of pop-ups and ads. This ensures that you can focus on reading all the time. Additionally, it has an option to change the background and font size for a better reading experience.

This tool allows articles to be categorized in several different ways to prevent archived articles from being mixed up. It can recommend articles with similar topics to the ones you're reading articles about. It also has the option to change written text into speech, so you can listen to your articles instead of reading them.

2- Liner tool to highlight texts:

Liner is a tool that helps you highlight important sentences in a webpage or PDF uploaded to the web while you study. All you need to do is drag your mouse pointer over the content to select it, click on it, choose your favorite color to highlight the content, and then save it. In addition to highlighting important sentences on web pages, it can also highlight videos from YouTube and images from Google.

You can also add a comment or short notes above the highlighted sentences and share them with the study group members. The great thing about Liner is that it can be integrated with ChatGPT and Google Assistant when you are studying. This saves you time searching for additional information about the notes you selected, because ChatGPT can help you quickly search or answer any queries.

You can also use Liner to save articles you want to read later, just like the Pocket tool. You can organize notes and highlighted sentences into different categories.

3- Add Anki Quick Adder for Digital Flashcards:

Anki Quick Adder is an add-on that can be installed in web browsers to create digital flashcards that help remember information, make it easier to memorize, and organize ideas. In addition to writing texts in digital flashcards, Anki Quick Adder allows adding audio clips and pictures to the cards, which helps in better remembering information during the test.

Anki has a simple user interface, where you can easily get started by creating a personal profile, and scheduling appointments to review flashcards. You can also sync content to your phone and tablet, so you can access your flashcards whenever you want.

Anki allows you to organize your digital flashcards according to your preferences, where you can add subsections within a basic collection and organize them according to lectures, questions, or any other classification. And when you need to access flashcards on your profile, you can search for the name you saved them under, and they'll appear even without an internet connection.

4- Notion tool for taking notes:

With Notion, you can add a to-do list, track a habit, organize courses, or take class notes.

Notion also allows you to create a daily assignment planner and study plan to help you stay on top of your homework and assignments throughout the day.

You can also use the calendar provided to enter class times, and make notes under each date. You can also add assignment due dates in the calendar, and set up reminders to avoid forgetting any tasks.

5- Freedom tool to prevent distraction:

Freedom is a tool to block any website in your browser that might distract you while you study. This will ensure that you read more content in a short period without checking your personal TikTok, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube accounts every now and then.

Freedom is convenient for selecting the length of sessions you want to study without being distracted. You can also use it across multiple devices, which means you can block distracting apps on your phone too while you're using your computer to study.

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