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Video Editing is a laborious and time-consuming process, even with the best video editing software, it still requires a lot of effort to achieve impressive results. However, with the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence, many tools have been developed to transform any text you write into a professional video in just a few minutes.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video

Top 12 AI Text to Video Tools

In this article, we will mention five of the top AI-powered text-to-video conversion tools that will help you create attractive videos for your business or personal use easily and quickly.

Which AI tool can convert text to video? 

In this article, we will mention more than 14 websites and AI-powered tools that offer the best text-to-video or article-to-video conversion capabilities. These tools will help you create engaging video clips for your business or personal use with ease and speed, suitable for sharing on various social media platforms in both vertical and horizontal formats, among others.

Convert article to video

There are many websites and online tools available that allow you to easily convert text or articles into videos. Whether you want to create a video on YouTube without showing your face to earn money from YouTube, or produce promotional videos for products if you work in affiliate marketing, or if you want to create content for social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, this list provides solutions to meet your needs. (Click on the tool name to access it...)

How do I make a video from text AI?

In this article, we will explore over 14 websites and AI-powered tools renowned for their exceptional text-to-video or article-to-video conversion capabilities. These resources are invaluable for effortlessly and swiftly crafting captivating video content, whether for business purposes or personal use. These videos are suitable for sharing across a variety of social media platforms, including vertical and horizontal formats.

Pictory.ai - Best Website

One standout platform in this realm is Pictory. It represents a significant leap forward in content creation, particularly for YouTube. Pictory empowers users to transform articles into polished videos, drawing from an extensive library of high-quality video clips available for a fee. Another noteworthy resource is Storyblocks, which boasts an extensive collection of top-tier videos spanning various topics and domains, adding a professional and engaging touch to your video content.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video
What truly distinguishes the Pictory website is its flexibility in tailoring your video scenes. You can incorporate external video clips or leverage those from the Storyblocks library, allowing for rich customization. Moreover, you can select templates that suit your specific field and topic, infusing vibrancy and vitality into your videos.

Pictory goes a step further by offering natural voiceovers. This feature enables you to create videos without revealing your face or using your own voice. Instead, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence to employ lifelike voices. The website provides access to over 60 distinctive voices in multiple languages.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video
In essence, Pictory outshines other platforms in the article-to-video conversion niche. It grants you the ability to seamlessly integrate external voiceovers and precisely synchronize audio with your video scenes, resulting in a flawless and entirely authentic article-to-video conversion process.

Furthermore, Pictory simplifies the process of downloading and sharing your videos. This efficiency saves you valuable time, effort, and resources that would otherwise be spent converting audio transcripts back into videos and obtaining subtitle files. Therefore, Pictory stands as the top choice for anyone seeking to transform articles into professional YouTube videos without the necessity of appearing on camera or using their own voice.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video


The Vidnamipro website enables you to effortlessly transform any text or article into a video within seconds. It stands as the pioneer and innovator in the concept of converting written content into videos with a simple click. In fact, numerous YouTube channels owe their existence to this remarkable platform, as it has empowered creators to bring their content to life seamlessly.


Lumen5 stands out as an exceptional platform for transforming written articles into captivating videos through a diverse selection of expertly designed templates. This platform empowers users to infuse their personal style by handpicking images and video clips, effectively crafting backgrounds that harmonize with the video's theme. Furthermore, it grants the ability to incorporate background music and seamless scene transitions.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video
What truly distinguishes Lumen5 is its extensive library, encompassing over 5 million premium-quality images and videos, sourced from both free repositories such as Unsplash and premium providers like Shutterstock. Additionally, the platform boasts a dedicated section for icons and graphics, enhancing the visual appeal and professionalism of your video content.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video

Fliki ai tool

Fliki AI, a visually appealing website, provides a unique service that transforms articles or text into engaging videos featuring 100% natural-sounding voiceovers. With a wide selection of over 700 natural voices available in more than 70 languages, this platform allows you to effortlessly craft professional videos with a podcast-style feel.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video
On Fliki's user-friendly interface, you have the flexibility to incorporate multiple voice commentaries into a single video. This feature adds an element of fun and diversity, making it ideal for creating podcast-style videos across various fields and topics that you're passionate about. Fliki empowers you to easily and swiftly turn articles into enjoyable, high-quality videos.

Wave.video Tool

Wave.video offers a robust set of tools for video editing and professional video recording. With these tools, you can enhance your video content creatively. Whether it's for live streaming, crafting eye-catching video thumbnails, or producing captivating social media content complete with unique text animations and GIFs, Wave.video has you covered.
Wave.video Tool
Furthermore, this platform provides a fantastic feature that effortlessly transforms text articles into professional videos. You can input an article's link or paste its content, and Wave.video will convert it into a visually engaging video with high-quality visuals , By leveraging Wave.video, you can create compelling videos professionally and effortlessly, even without advanced video editing skills. These videos will captivate your audience, helping you achieve your digital and marketing objectives effectively.

Elai tool

Elai's website harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create videos, including unique faceless videos featuring AI characters who convey your message distinctively. The platform offers a specialized tool that can seamlessly transform any article into captivating video content.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video
Whether you opt to include the entire text or just a text link is entirely up to you. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose whether the video should feature AI-generated voice-over and a content presenter or not, catering to your preferences.

Moreover, Elai's website extends its services to voice narration. It allows you to record your own voice and then convert it into an AI-generated voice, facilitated through the integration between Elai and the Descript website.


Gliacloud is a professional website that relies on artificial intelligence to create visually stunning and polished videos. The website offers a variety of services tailored to content creators, including converting articles into impressive videos within minutes. These videos incorporate large amounts of visual media, such as standout video clips, giving the video vitality and coherence with the subject.
 Additionally, the website provides a fantastic feature that summarizes any article into a distinctive paragraph containing the essence of the article and its key points in an impressive manner. Thanks to this feature, users can create short videos to be used on YouTube and social media platforms.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video
Overall, Gliacloud is a powerful tool for producing professional videos using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. It enhances creative and distinctive content, attracting more viewers and increasing engagement with the content.

Tyle Motion

If you are looking for a website that can convert text or articles into a simple and engaging video, adding animation and text animations to make the scenes mesmerizing and attention-grabbing, then Tyle Motion is the top choice you are seeking.

The Tyle Motion website offers a unique way to transform your text or articles into captivating video content. It allows you to break down your text into individual sentences, with each sentence becoming a separate scene in the video. You have the flexibility to choose different motion styles for all slides or scenes, tailoring the visual experience to your liking. Additionally, you can enhance the background of each scene with images or videos and even incorporate background music.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video
What's more, Tyle Motion provides the convenience of customizing video dimensions to suit various platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more. Whether you're conveying a commercial message or delivering educational content, Tyle Motion empowers you to create visually stunning videos that engage your audience effectively. If you're seeking to add a touch of magic to your written content, Tyle Motion is unquestionably the ideal choice.

Convert 2 Video

convert2video is a specialized online platform designed for converting images and audio into videos. Additionally, it offers the capability to transform text and articles into engaging video content. Converting sentences, paragraphs, or entire articles into captivating videos is a straightforward process on this user-friendly website.
Top AI Tools for Converting Text to Video
One of the notable features of this platform is its extensive customization options. Users can easily tailor their videos to match their preferences by adding background music, selecting themes, choosing favorite colors, and even incorporating distinct backgrounds from images and videos. This level of customization enhances the experience of converting text-based content into visually appealing videos.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this platform is that it is entirely free to use. Users can access all its features without incurring any costs.

By utilizing convert2video, you gain the ability to craft unique videos with captivating animations for text and visual elements. This empowers you to transform your ideas or articles into engaging video content suitable for sharing on social media platforms or for various other purposes, all according to your preferences.

Synthesia Tool AI 

Synthesia is an AI-powered solution employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to craft high-quality videos from text across more than 50 languages. It's a valuable resource for small businesses seeking to generate visual content, especially when professional services aren't feasible, and for individuals interested in crafting personalized video clips.

This tool can meticulously analyze content sourced from blog posts, news articles, and web pages, transforming it into engaging video content relevant to the chosen topic ,To commence, simply register on the tool's official website, select an AI avatar image from a diverse range of over 40 options or create your customized avatar. Then, input or paste the text you wish to convert into a video. In just a matter of minutes, Synthesia will efficiently produce a polished video for you.

InVideo Tool

Certainly, you might be familiar with InVideo, one of the leading platforms for transforming text and articles into engaging videos. InVideo has made a significant impact on the video production industry in recent years, thanks to its extensive array of features and tools catering to diverse niches and purposes, including YouTube and social media content creation.

InVideo sets itself apart with an expansive library of pre-designed templates covering a wide range of topics. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly tool for effortlessly converting text and articles into video content with just a few clicks. Notably, InVideo boasts an impressive collection of visually captivating effects and scene transitions that distinguish it from other similar platforms.

If you're seeking a convenient and efficient way to turn your text-based content into polished videos, InVideo is an excellent choice. You can leverage customizable templates and innovative visual effects to infuse a professional and engaging quality into your videos. Explore InVideo's website to discover its comprehensive suite of tools and features, enabling you to achieve remarkable results with your digital content.

InVideo utilizes AI technology to transform your written text into professionally crafted video clips. To get started, simply compose your text and select a template that aligns with your objectives or create a custom one , InVideo will then generate a video clip that you can either download to your computer or directly share on popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Anyone with basic computer understanding can create videos without any training or experience in video editing using the tool VEED.IO. This tool allows users to create distinctive videos from text using pre-made templates or custom designs. VEED.IO also provides simple video editing tools that can be used to make any necessary changes to the video before saving or publishing it.

Synths Video tool

You can use the Synths Video tool to convert any blog post into an engaging video with just a few clicks. You can also choose to add an avatar from over 40 different collections. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence technology to create natural-looking lip movements based on the words in the provided text. To get started with the Synths Video tool, simply copy a post from your blog, and it will turn it into a professional video that you can directly upload to your YouTube channel.

Synths Video is the perfect tool for small businesses or influencers who want to add engaging content to their websites and personal accounts on various social media platforms.

The benefits of converting an article into a video are numerous

  • Attracting a larger audience: Videos are an engaging way to connect with a diverse audience, as they can watch the content instead of reading it, making it easier for them to understand the topic and benefit from it.
  • Enhancing interaction and engagement: Audiences interact more with videos, as they can comment and share them with others, contributing to the content's spread and increasing its reach.
  • Clarifying concepts: Videos help clarify concepts and information better than written text, as they can use images and animations to simplify the subject and make it more clear and understandable.
  • Increasing website retention: Videos are an important factor in increasing the audience's duration on the website or channel, enhancing the user experience and contributing to improved rankings in search engines.
  • Leveraging social media platforms: Videos can be published on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, helping reach a wider audience and attract new followers.
  • Engaging with a diverse audience: Videos enable interaction with a diverse audience from different backgrounds, as visual language can transcend the limitations of written language.
In summary, converting an article into a video is an effective strategy to attract a larger audience, clarify content, enhance interaction and engagement, and bolster the presence of content on social media platforms 
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