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It is becoming more common to hire freelance programmers by project rather than working full time. This is highly proportional to individual projects, because it saves the cost of permanent employment of the programmer, and makes it easier to find highly experienced programmers from different countries. If you need to hire a freelance programmer; Try one of the following websites to find freelance programmers of all disciplines:

1- Toptal website:

Toptal aims to include qualified programmers only, and does not allow any programmer to create an account without an extensive screening process. Then the site selects the top 3% of all applicants.

The screening process includes a personal interview, an in-depth skills review, followed by a face-to-face screening, and test projects in which applicants demonstrate their professionalism and work ethic.
Toptal includes developers, designers, project managers, and qualified independent financial experts, and through it you can find freelance programmers in various fields, such as programmers in Java, C#, Python, and others.

2- Guru's website:

Guru has more than 3 million freelancers, most of whom are listed in programming and software development fields. If you want to find a freelance programmer to hire, you can search the wide range of programmers available on this site.
You can post a job advertisement and receive requests from freelancers, or search for specific freelancers. When hiring a freelancer, the Guru holds payments in an escrow account so you don't lose money for incomplete or unsatisfactory work. Guru does not charge for posting jobs, but takes a small percentage of the bill paid to the freelancer.

 3- Upwork:

Upwork is one of the largest freelance websites online. It has a very large number of freelancers available for work, which means that you can get quality work from freelancers at a competitive rate, and this is what makes Upwork one of the best sites for hiring freelancers online. Like many other freelance recruiting sites, you can post a job or search through our freelance database.

Upwork's escrow system handles payments, so you'll never pay for an incomplete job. And if you run into a specific issue while hiring or paying freelancers, Upwork has a dispute resolution program.

Due to the large number of freelancers available on Upwork, you may get a lot of applicants for the job you will be advertising, so make sure you screen the freelancers properly to get the best job results.

 4- Freelancer:

Freelancer has more than 50 million freelancers in various fields of work. Although there are many job categories available, Freelancer has more programming professionals than most. Here you can find web developers, software developers, mobile app developers, website designers and more.

To use Freelancer, just post a job and wait for freelancers to apply. And after choosing the programmer you need, you can use the tools available on the site to track the progress of work, such as the built-in chat system on the site, time tracker and others. As for the financial payments, Freelancer keeps them in an escrow account until the work is completed.

Freelancer gives you more specific job categories to narrow your search for available programmers. For example: instead of searching for web developers, you can select the HTML5 field, or you can search for a specific language such as Python or Java instead of searching for programmers of all categories.

5- PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour allows you to post a job ad for free to hire freelance programmers. Through it, you can find specialists in database programming, mobile application programming, website development, data science, and more. You can also give freelance programmers a trial run before hiring them for full projects.

This site guarantees you the employment of qualified freelance programmers, because its administrative team tests the freelancers who subscribe to the site, to ensure the provision of high-quality freelance work.

PeoplePerHour has a feature called offers, where freelancers can post services for less than the current price for those services.
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