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A new AI app that creates a song for you from the words you want - BeatBot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being applied in artistic fields such as music, movies, and other art forms. Today, there are AI music generators that can instantly produce original royalty-free songs for use in YouTube videos, social media, etc.
We will talk about BeatBot, the best artificial intelligence to generate songs with music and lyrics. This innovative app creates short 10-second original songs based on text prompts using its sound to captivate hip-hop rhythm.

BeatBot is an application patented by the famous artificial intelligence company Splash, which is responsible for developing sounds and music. Moreover, BeatBot words are generated via the GPT-3 language model. Using it is free and does not require registration of any kind, just go into the web and try this strange AI song creator.

The AI used by BeatBot has been trained on massive amounts of data collected from Splash and on data that is freely available under a Creative Commons license. Singers, songwriters, musicians, and songwriters who are looking for ideas or help create lyrics may find this software useful. However, the lyrics are not always of high quality and sometimes need to be adjusted and improved before use.

To use it, enter the link that we leave you below. You can do this from your computer or through your mobile device.

- Type in the BeatBot search engine a phrase or keyword, which will be the subject of the song.

- Click on the Generate button. If you are not sure what words you want to use or the song you want to create, just hit the Surprise me button and BeatBot will do the work for you.

- Wait while it processes your input and generates the song.
You can then download the song and save it as an MP4 video format or rip the lyrics.
If you are not satisfied with the result, you can continue to experiment with new compositions. After all, BeatBot is a free app with no restrictions on use, at least for now.

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