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7 AI Tools in the CapCut Video Editor App and Their Browser-Based Usage, No Download Required

The video editing app CapCut stands out with a wide user base, which is not surprising considering its affiliation with TikTok. It offers a diverse range of editing features on your phone or through the browser. Now, CapCut takes a step forward by introducing new artificial intelligence tools. With this move, it undoubtedly secures an advanced position in its field, gaining recognition from all quarters. Below are the new artificial intelligence features you can experience today through the browser.

7 AI Tools in the CapCut Video Editor App and Their Browser-Based Usage, No Download Required

Here are the new AI tools in the popular video editor CapCut:

1. AI Image Upscaler

If you've previously taken a beautiful picture that turned out unclear, or if you had to zoom in on a part of it due to capturing from a distance, the AI-powered image enhancement tool in the CapCut application can come to the rescue. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence techniques to automatically enhance the image quality without sacrificing details or clarity. Simply put, it can enhance and refine low-resolution images while eliminating any noise.

AI Image Upscaler

Using artificial intelligence technology, CapCut's AI Image Upscaler can take any image and automatically increase its resolution without losing any quality. In fact, CapCut's AI Image Upscaler works to enhance and remove noise from cherished low-resolution images.

2. AI Photo Colouriser

For those who possess a collection of black and white photos, whether they are old snapshots from the past or even recent monochrome images, this tool allows you to breathe new life into them by "colorizing" them. 
All you need to do is capture a black and white photo and upload it to the CapCut AI Photo Colorizer app. In a matter of seconds, this free online tool will reintroduce color to your images. It works swiftly to process almost any image, regardless of its subject.
AI Photo Colouriser
The tool operates quickly on virtually any image, regardless of the subject. Perfect for infusing life into nearly any black and white photo.

3. AI Color Correction

If you have photos with dull or boring colors, instead of manually adjusting levels of brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, and black-and-white, you can make use of the AI Color Correction tool available in the CapCut app. This tool allows you to simply let it make color corrections to the image on your behalf.

After uploading your photo, you can choose from one of the four available levels of color correction according to your preferences, making it an excellent and practical tool for enhancing images.

AI Color Correction

4. AI Portrait Generator

If you've ever wondered how it's possible to explore a variety of styles or search for a new image that truly represents your identity, the AI portrait creator is an incredible tool worth trying. 
All you need to do is upload an image and select the desired style. The options include animated 3D designs, pop art, manga, 3D game styles, and animations from Hong Kong. You can choose what suits you best. These choices have the ability to drastically transform your appearance or give you an unconventional, different character, and there's a great deal of enjoyment in experimenting with them.
AI Portrait Generator

5. AI Color Matcher

When it comes to designing presentations for products, price reductions, advertisements, and similar matters, it can sometimes be challenging to find the perfect color scheme for texts, headlines, and backgrounds.

This is where the AI Color Matcher tool from CapCut comes into play. It analyzes images and automatically adjusts design colors using artificial intelligence to maintain visual appeal. With just one click, you can completely transform the look of your designs through simple color adjustments.
AI Color Matcher

6. AI Photo Restoration

When it comes to old photos, simply coloring them might not suffice in some cases. In such scenarios, the intelligent restoration feature using AI technology from the CapCut app, known as AI Photo Restoration, serves as an ideal choice.

This technology automatically detects flaws, removes them, and intelligently fills gaps in old photos. Additionally, you can choose to automatically colorize the image or keep it in black and white. This provides you with more control and the ability to effortlessly and freely restore your old photos to their original beauty.

AI Photo Restoration

7. AI Video Upscaler

The latest tool allows you to effortlessly upgrade video clips to 4K resolution. With just a single click, the built-in AI Video Upscaler in the CapCut application will enhance video resolution and remove distortion in a matter of moments. You can preview the video to witness the enhanced clarity before downloading it, and easily switch between the before-and-after views, in addition to utilizing all the tools CapCut offers.

With just one click, the AI Video Upscaler feature of CapCut automatically enhances video resolution and eliminates distortion in mere moments. You can play the video to see the improved clarity before downloading it, and easily toggle between the before-and-after views, while also benefiting from all of CapCut's tools.
7. AI Video Upscaler

Make any video flawless with the help of CapCut.

CapCut has been a fundamental pillar in editing videos and images for a long time, and with these new artificial intelligence tools, CapCut now seems better than ever before. Whether you've been a long-time CapCut user or you're just considering giving it a try for the first time, there has never been a better time to use CapCut for your free online photo and video editing needs.

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