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AI tools are extremely useful for graphic designers, as they help streamline workflow and accomplish tasks more efficiently and in less time. They also enable them to create unique and high-quality designs. With the increasing demand for graphic design at present, several applications and tools have been developed that rely on artificial intelligence to assist designers in saving time, effort, and improving workflow.

Best AI Tools for Graphic Design
AI tools to help with graphic design

AI tools to help with graphic design

Here are the top artificial intelligence tools that graphic designers can use to increase productivity and facilitate their work:

MidJourney Tool:

The MidJourney tool utilizes artificial intelligence to transform text into images by generating four different images describing the input text in a matter of seconds. If you need an image for your new design and couldn't create it yourself, the MidJourney tool will be helpful. While the results may not always be perfect, this tool is beneficial for most designs.

Microsoft Designer AI:

Microsoft Designer is a tool for template design that relies entirely on artificial intelligence technology. This tool functions similarly to tools like Canva and Adobe Express but stands out by fully leveraging artificial intelligence. With Microsoft Designer, you can input text requests to obtain images, templates, create artistic boards, and more within a few minutes.

Microsoft Designer AI

This tool is ideal for designing social media posts. Simply write a short description of the image you want to share on your social media accounts, and within a few minutes, you'll have a ready-to-publish post.

Galileo AI:

If you're a user interface (UI) designer searching for an assisting tool, you can benefit from Galileo AI. This tool uses artificial intelligence to create user interface (UI) designs and user experience (UX) based on the text you provide. Just write a suitable description of the desired design, and the tool will generate high-resolution designs for the user interface, elements, and icons, making your work easier and saving time and effort.

Galileo AI


Uizard is a robust tool harnessing artificial intelligence to streamline the creation of user interfaces for applications and websites. It simplifies the process of crafting initial UI prototypes by allowing users to input text-based requests.


Leveraging its text comprehension and analysis capabilities, Uizard translates your descriptions into editable designs. Furthermore, it offers the functionality to convert screenshots into editable designs, where you upload images and employ text requests for analysis and design element extraction. This feature offers a swift and efficient means to transform concepts and visualizations into adaptable and enhancable designs. By incorporating the Uizard tool, you can optimize the interface design process, saving both time and effort, while tapping into the remarkable potential of artificial intelligence to deliver precise and innovative outcomes.

Adobe Firefly:

Adobe Firefly is a part of Adobe's suite of innovative AI-powered tools, designed to enhance creativity and streamline design processes. This experimental tool is geared towards generating visuals and effects based on textual input.
With Adobe Firefly, the process of creating images becomes effortless. You simply describe your vision in text, and the tool transforms it into various 3D effects. This includes converting text into metallic shapes, bubbles, or even tree leaves, allowing for versatile image creation.

Furthermore, Adobe Firefly offers the capability to replace specific elements within an image by providing a textual description of the desired shape or appearance. These functionalities, driven by artificial intelligence, make it exceptionally easy to craft unique and captivating designs.

Nero AI Image Upscaler:

The Nero AI Image Upscaler tool helps enhance the quality of blurry images. If you have a low-resolution image, such as a logo or a picture captured with a low-quality camera, and you want to use it in your design, you can use the Nero AI tool to improve its quality in just a few seconds.


ChatGPT may not be a graphic design tool, but it offers valuable capabilities that can be advantageous for designers. It serves as a source of inspiration, helping you generate fresh ideas that can contribute to the creation of distinctive designs. Moreover, ChatGPT can be employed to craft text prompts for AI-powered image generation tools. When you require a precise description for an image to be generated using artificial intelligence, ChatGPT can be a reliable resource for generating suitable descriptions.

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