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With the advancement of technology and developments, smartphones are becoming better and more costly at the same time, with their costs reaching nearly $2000. Alongside this, the counterfeit smartphone industry is also progressing rapidly, making it difficult to distinguish between an original and a fake phone. Samsung is the most imitated brand by counterfeit phone manufacturers, according to the AnTuTu report for 2021. Here, we will assist you in verifying and determining whether your Samsung Galaxy phone is genuine or counterfeit.

How to Determine if a Samsung Galaxy Phone is "Genuine" or "Fake" ... 10 Ways to Find Out

How to check if a Samsung phone is fake or genuine?

Counterfeit smartphones aren't just made from poor or cheap materials and components, posing a risk of material and physical damage to you. These fake phones also serve as a means of distributing malicious software and pose numerous security threats. Therefore, one should avoid purchasing such counterfeit smartphones.

Despite significant advancements in the counterfeit smartphone industry, making it difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake phones, the methods mentioned below will help you identify a fake Samsung phone and save your valuable money from spending it on a counterfeit Samsung device.

10 Ways to Determine Whether a Samsung Phone Is Original or Fake

The first method - checking the box

Inspect the Box
The first signal to take a cautious move while buying a phone is to examine its box. Make sure the box is properly closed and that all seals are intact. Do not buy or accept delivery if you notice any tampering with the box. If the box is in perfect condition, follow the following method.

The second method - checking the phone physically or checking the external body of the phone 

Inspect the Phone Physically

When the box is unopened and intact, it's time to open the box and inspect the Samsung phone for any structural issues. Take a close look at the camera lenses, where counterfeit phones tend to have an incomplete sticker or cover for the camera, making it evident that it's fake. Also, look for any distinctive marks, brand logos, and font patterns.

checking the phone physically or checking the external body of the phone

In 2015, due to political tensions between Japan and South Korea and some trade-related decisions, Samsung completely rebranded itself as "Galaxy" in Japan. However, on February 28, 2023, this decision was reversed, and now Samsung operates under its original name "Samsung" in Japan, just like the rest of the world. According to user reports, some original Samsung phones even lack any branding.

checking the phone physically or checking the external body of the phone
Smartphones from Samsung or other Samsung products manufactured between 2015 and March 2023, released under the Galaxy brand in Japan, are genuine Samsung products. Additionally, some phones released in Japan bear the FeliCa icon on the back, indicating their support for wireless payments using the FeliCa technology developed by Sony. Even iPhones and Apple Watches use FeliCa technology in Japan for wireless payments.

Therefore, phones and other products manufactured between 2015 and March 2023, including the S22 series, for the Japanese market, carry the Galaxy brand and are genuine Samsung products. Starting from the Galaxy S8, some Samsung phones bear the FeliCa mark on the back, indicating NFC support.

The third method  - Matching the IMEI Number

After the visual inspection, you should match the IMEI number on the box with the label on the brand-new phone, in addition to the IMEI number that can be found within the software, as follows:

Match the IMEI Number
1. Open the phone's dialer and type *#06#.
2. A box will appear displaying the serial number and IMEI numbers of the phone.
3. Match the IMEI number shown on the phone's screen with the IMEI number on the box.

The fourth method  Matching S/N Number

Similar to the IMEI number, the serial number of the phone also carries crucial information, such as the country code, the manufacturing date of the smartphone, and other details. To verify this and confirm whether the Samsung smartphone is fake or genuine, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Visit the website IMEI24.com on your phone or computer web browser.

Match the S/N Number

2. Enter the IMEI number of the phone and check the verification code (captcha).

Match the S/N Number
3. The result will contain the phone serial number and other details such as country and network operator used.

You can also match this serial number with the number on the box by dialing *#06# to check all the details.

Fifth method - Verify product registration

Another way to check if a Samsung phone is fake or real is to check the product registration on Samsung's official website. Here's how:
1. Visit Samsung's official product registration page from here on your web browser.
2. Create a new account or log in to your Samsung account.
Check Product Registration
3. Select the Smartphone sub-category under the Mobile Phone category.
Check Product Registration
4. Enter the serial number of the phone and click on Validation Check.
Validation Check.
The check will show that the serial number is valid if the Samsung phone is original. 
The check will show that the Serial Number is valid if it is a genuine Samsung phone. The serial number will show that the Serial Number is Invalid if it is a fake Samsung phone.
The serial number will show that the serial number is invalid if the Samsung phone is fake.
The check will show that the Serial Number is valid if it is a genuine Samsung phone. The serial number will show that the Serial Number is Invalid if it is a fake Samsung phone.

Sixth method - Try using Bixby

Samsung phones come with their own version of the personal assistant, Bixby, as an alternative to Google Assistant and Siri. There won't be a counterfeit Samsung phone with Bixby. You can activate Bixby to verify authenticity and confirm whether the Samsung phone is fake or Original.

1. Go to Settings on your Samsung phone and search for Bixby or the Side key.

2. In the Side key settings, make sure to set Press and hold for Wake Bixby.

BixbySide key
3. Now, press the Power button (Side key) for 2-3 seconds to activate Bixby. If you can launch Bixby successfully, this is a sign that your Samsung phone is Original.

Seventh method - Turn on Maintenance Mode

Samsung's OneUI interface boasts various exclusive features, one of which is Maintenance Mode. This mode enables you to lock your private data while sending your phone for repair. If you're able to activate Maintenance Mode, it once again indicates the credibility of your Samsung phone.
Here's how to activate Maintenance Mode:
1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.
2. Within the settings, navigate to Device Care and tap on Maintenence Mode at the bottom.
3. Press the "Turn on" button and restart your phone.
4.The process takes about two minutes, and your phone will reboot into Maintenance Mode.
Run Maintenance Mode

Method Eight - Run a secret code for Samsung secret phones

There are specific USSD codes to test or manipulate different features in the phone. You can dial the *#0*# code to access the Samsung Diagnostic Tool. If the USSD code is successfully triggered on the phone, you can see this screen on your Samsung phone to verify that it is genuine and not fake.

Run Samsung Secret Code There are specific

Method Nine - Conducting the S Pen Test

In the case of Samsung flagship phones that support S Pen, you can run the specific S Pen test from Samsung's diagnostic tool and follow the pattern with the S Pen. Only an original Samsung phone can access and complete the test quickly. If it doesn't, it's a fake Samsung phone.

Run S Pen Test
Similarly, you can perform other tests to verify whether any component is non-functional or if the phone is counterfeit, such as the "Grip sensor" test.

Method 10 - Visit the Samsung Service Centre

Finally, to alleviate any remaining doubt or confusion, you should visit a nearby Samsung service center and ask them to confirm whether the Samsung phone is genuine or fake. The service center can provide you with additional information about the remaining warranty period of the device and any other issues.

In conclusion, these were the best methods to detect counterfeit and genuine Samsung phones across their various models.
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