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Photomoji in the Google Messages App

A series of new features have been added to the Google Messages app, introducing artificial intelligence that transforms images into expressive symbols known as "Photomoji." The app retains these symbols for future use, allowing friends to utilize any received Photomoji. To learn more about this feature and how to use it in the Google Messages app, refer to the following details:

Photomoji in the Google Messages App

Photomoji resembles traditional emoji symbols, enabling the conversion of your images into Photomoji for direct use in the messaging app. They can be sent as stickers to friends or used as an alternative to conventional emojis. Once a Photomoji is created, it becomes available in the emoji menu.

Currently, Photomoji cannot be inserted between words like regular emojis, but this option may become available in the future.

How to Create and Use Photomoji in the Google Messages App

To create Photomoji from your images and use them in the Google Messages app, follow these steps:

How to create Photomoji from photos in Google Messages

1. Go to the Google Messages app and press the emoji icon in the text box.

2. Click on the "Create" button.

3. Capture a photo or choose an image from your phone.

4. Once the image is selected, the app identifies its theme and transforms it into Photomoji.

5. If you like the image, click the send icon to share it with your friend.

6. All Photomoji will be saved in the "Custom" tab in the emoji section of the Google Messages app.

Other New Features Added by Google to the Messages App

In addition to Photomoji, Google introduced several other new features to the Google Messages app, including:

  • Customization of text bubble colors and backgrounds, allowing users to have blue bubbles and different colors for each conversation.
  • The new Voice Moods feature that lets you apply various emotions to voice messages with visual effects appearing around the audio clip.

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