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How to detect broken links in your blog or site and fix them easily using Dr.Link Checker

You must pay attention to everything on your website to prevent visitors from encountering any errors that might deter them and discourage them from returning. The issue of broken links is considered a serious matter that can escalate if ignored on your site. Visitors won't be able to find the page they're looking for, and search engine robots won't find indexable content, leading to a decline in your pages' search results.

How can Dr. Link Checker save your site from broken links?

How can Dr. Link Checker Save your site from broken links?

The upside is that there are tools like Dr. Link Checker available, which is considered one of the best SEO tools. With one button, you can detect damaged links, find out where they come from, and receive other important details that we will review later.

What is Dr.Link Checker?

It is an effective SEO tool primarily aimed at scanning websites and detecting broken links that may negatively impact the site's performance in search engine results. This tool provides a detailed report that helps users easily identify and fix incorrect links with just a single click.

Why should you use Dr. Link Checker?

This tool facilitates the process of discovering and addressing broken links, enhancing overall site performance, and boosting SEO rankings. It can offer the following benefits:
  • Time and Effort Savings: Manual link checking can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially for large websites. Dr. Link Checker automates this process, allowing you to direct your efforts toward other improvements for your site.
  • Improved User Experience: Broken links create a negative user experience and can lead to visitor loss. By using Dr. Link, you can quickly discover and fix these links.
  • Enhanced SEO Rankings: Search engines favor sites with proper links, and broken links can negatively impact your site's SEO rankings.
  • Security Assurance: Links directing to suspicious sites can pose a threat to your site. This tool helps detect and remove such links, ensuring the security of your site.
  • Detailed Reports: Providing comprehensive reports on the status of links on your site, giving you valuable insights on effectively improving your site.
Why should you use Dr Link Check?

How to find broken links on your site 

Here is a step-by-step guide to finding broken links on your website and how to fix them:

1. Search for Broken Links:

  • Using the Dr Link Check tool, you can easily locate broken links on your site with a single scan.
  • Utilize the Dr Link Check tool to effortlessly discover broken links. Visit the tool's homepage at www.drlinkcheck.com.
  • Enter your website's link in the designated field and click on "Start Check."
  • With a single click, the tool will begin scanning all links on the site and identify any broken links.
Why you should use the Check Dr.Link tool

2.Reviewing the Report:

Once the scan is complete, Dr. Link Checker will provide a detailed report displaying all the broken links that have been detected. The report includes links that are not functioning properly on your pages and specifies the source of the issue.

The tool offers a wide range of options for link checking, but currently, the focal point is the dedicated section for broken links, referred to as "Broken." Pages flagged with a 404 Not Found error are those containing broken links specifically, and beneath each, you will find the original page on your site that contains this broken link.
Dr. Link Checker
Dr. Link Check provides a comprehensive analysis with detailed reports on broken links to enhance your website management. In the free version, you cannot directly download the report to your computer. However, in the paid version, you can download the report in PDF or CSV format, then re-upload it to Chat GPT for data analysis and receive optimal solutions and advice to improve your website more effectively.

3.How to deal with damaged links after discovering them on your site:

  • Once broken links are discovered on your site, the next step is determining how to handle each of them individually rather than applying a fixed rule for all.
  • Start by assessing the reason for the malfunction, whether it's due to a change in the target page's URL, its deletion, or an error in the link itself.
  • Based on this evaluation, decide either to update the link to point to the new address, redirect the link to related content on your site, or delete the link if it serves no purpose. The decision depends on the link's importance to your site's content and user experience, always keeping the goal of providing valuable and accessible content to site visitors in mind.
  • As for broken external links (those pointing to other sites on your site), first verify the malfunction by directly visiting the link. If it turns out that the targeted page has moved or no longer exists, try finding an alternative source that offers similar information and update the link with the new source.
  • If no alternative is available, consider either deleting the link or replacing it with other relevant content from your site. This helps maintain content quality and user experience.
More features of the Dr. Broken Link Checker tool:

More features of the Dr. Broken Link Checker tool:

Dr. Broken Link Checker allows automated link checks to be performed automatically at specified intervals. Among its notable capabilities are:

1. Comprehensive Link Checking: With a simple click, Dr. Broken Link Checker conducts a thorough check of all the links on your site, whether internal or external. This includes links hidden in images, buttons, and CSS.

2. Identifying Broken Links: The tool excels in identifying non-functional links, including those leading to 404 error pages or pointing to websites that have been deleted or moved.

3. Detailed Reporting: After the check, Dr. Broken Link Checker provides a detailed report displaying all broken links with comprehensive information about the status of each broken link within the site's pages. The report is presented in a straightforward and organized manner, making it easy for you to understand and address issues efficiently.

4. Link Safety Check: Another feature during the comprehensive check is ensuring link safety by detecting links that may lead to harmful or suspicious sites. This is a valuable step in the eyes of search engines, ensuring that you are not linked to low-quality sources while maintaining the responsibility of keeping your site visitors safe.

5. Temporary Link Analysis: It evaluates links leading to temporary or permanent redirects (such as 301 and 302), allowing for the improvement of redirect strategies and enhancing the effectiveness of links.

6. Multi-Page and Multi-Domain Support: The tool can also check multi-page sites as well as sites under different domains within the same process, making it an ideal tool for large and complex websites.

7. Regular Updates and Alerts: Importantly, it offers the option to receive regular updates and alerts regarding the status of links on the site. This allows for quick intervention to fix any emerging problems.

Do you need to upgrade to a paid account?

The free plan suits small websites and light usage. If your site exceeds the link limits in the free plan or requires features like regular scans, blacklist checks, and SSL scans, upgrading to a paid account meets your needs and provides optimal protection and maintenance.

Alternatively, it is recommended to focus on the reports provided by site administrator tools, in addition to adding Rank Math. The reports from both tools are highly valuable and contribute to improving the security and maintenance of your site.

Dr. Link Checker Pricing:

  • LITE Plan: Suitable for small websites, offering the ability to check up to 1,500 links for free across two sites.
  • STANDARD Plan: Priced at $13 per month, allowing you to check up to 10,000 links across five sites, with Google Safe Browsing scans and monthly or weekly scheduling.
  • PROFESSIONAL Plan: Priced at $27 per month, enabling you to check up to 20,000 links across ten sites, including PhishTank scans and weekly checks.
  • PREMIUM Plan: Priced at $42 per month, providing the most comprehensive plan with checks for up to 30,000 links across 15 sites, including all features from the PROFESSIONAL plan and additional daily scans.
Dr. Link Checker Pricing:

Is using the Dr. Broken Link Checker tool sufficient for checking your site?

While using it can save significant effort and time in maintaining your site, it's important to consider that the free plan for this tool may come with some limitations that may not be sufficient for the needs of larger websites. In the case of a large site, paid subscriptions may be necessary to get full coverage and the advanced functions required for effective site management.
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