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The issue of fake followers or fake bots on Instagram is one of the biggest challenges in the world of social media. These fraudulent accounts serve as a means to buy fame, creating a false appearance of popularity at a cost.
fake followers

What does fake followers mean?

Fake followers are created on social media by individuals or agencies with the purpose of inflating follower numbers. These accounts do not belong to active users, and in some cases, they may be used to steal personal information from genuine social media accounts.

Ultimately, fake followers pose a significant challenge for influencers racing to increase their follower counts. Agencies selling services like "more followers" often create fake accounts to support artificial growth for influencers.

If a content creator buys followers without realizing they are not genuine, their account becomes at risk, and trust with brands may be compromised.

It is crucial to know how to detect fake followers, and some tools can be used for this purpose.

These tools provide statistics about your account, including total followers and engagement rate, helping assess the quality of a user's or influencer's audience.

1.Grin Tool 

The tool performs the same function after searching by the username. The website generates and displays results such as followers, Engagement Rate, and Audience Credibility. This allows you to get an approximate idea about fake followers.

The "Fake Influencer Detection Tool" by GRIN is a free tool that helps you assess the credibility of an influencer's audience on social media.
How GRIN's fake influencer detection tool works and social media audience credibility assessment

How does GRIN's Fake Influencer Detection Tool work and assess the credibility of the social media audience?

  1. Enter influencer account link: You can enter an Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube account link. 
  2. Verify: Simply tap "Verify". The tool will analyze the influencer's account and provide a report.
  3. View Report: The report displays information about:
  • Engagement rate: Measures how well an influencer's followers engage with their content.
  • Follower quality: Measures whether an influencer's followers are real or fake.
  • Audience credibility: Measures whether an influencer's followers are interested in the influencer's content.

2.Social Blade Instagram Stats

SocialBlade generates user statistics for you. With services like SocialBlade, you can enter the username of the profile you want to check, choose a social media platform, monitor follower growth daily, and scan the graph to track changes over the past month.
Social Blade Instagram Stats
You can access it through Social Blade Instagram Stats  link, and you'll find a search box in the middle of the screen. Enter your Instagram username in this box. The site will show you the presence of the profile on different social media platforms.

By clicking Instagram, the site will display statistics such as: followers, follower and follow-up ranking, engagement ranking, and overall rating that characterizes the profile with a badge of appreciation, according to its analysis and information.

The site provides accurate statistics for any Instagram account, as it allows the user to access detailed information. This includes average likes per post, average responses per post, average views per video, as well as statistics on follower count, photo and video sharing, and number of posts per day and week. The site offers a comprehensive overview of the average engagement rate as well.
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