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Exploring Bluetooth Audio Coding Standards: Discover the Optimal Choices for Enhancing Sound Quality on Your Phone

What are Bluetooth audio codecs and which is better
Do you suffer from poor sound quality of wireless headphones when connected to an Android phone? Looking for magic solutions to improve your listening experience? The solution lies in changing the Bluetooth codec on your phone

Improve sound quality of wireless headphones on Android phone:

If you feel that your Bluetooth headphones are not performing well when connected to your Android device, you may need to change the Bluetooth codec on your phone. How does this happen? The Bluetooth codec is the algorithm responsible for compressing and decompressing the audio sent over this channel. Depending on the codec used, you may have better or worse sound quality, as well as higher or lower latency.

We will explain in more detail below what the built-in Bluetooth audio codecs are on your mobile phone, which ones you should choose according to your needs, and how you can change them to improve the performance of your headphones when using your Android smartphone, regardless of the brand. Without further ado, let's get started!

What are the bluetooth audio coding standards and which is better 

Bluetooth Audio Encoding Software refers to algorithms that compress and decompress audio while transmitting it wirelessly between two devices. The software aims to reduce the size of audio data while maintaining the highest quality levels, making the transfer process faster and more stable.

There are different types of Bluetooth audio encoding software, each with its own features and drawbacks. Some of them include:
  1. SBC: It is the basic and required standard for all Bluetooth devices, offers acceptable quality but not effectively or accurately, and can be changed to improve performance.
  2. AAC: It is my favorite of Apple and is used in its products such as iPhones and AirPods. It provides better quality than SBC, but depends on the manufacturer's implementation.
  3. aptX: Developed by Qualcomm, it offers CD-like quality and is compatible with many Android devices and some advanced headphones.
  4. aptX HD: An improved version of aptX that enables high-resolution audio transmission, but requires higher bandwidth and consumes more battery.
  5. LDAC: Developed by Sony for high-resolution audio transmission, it provides high quality but there may be latency issues.
The choice between these programs depends on several factors such as hardware compatibility, required audio quality, battery consumption, and connection stability. There is no perfect codec for all situations, so it's best to understand the characteristics and limitations of each program.
These are the Bluetooth audio coding standards and which is better
Bluetooth Audio Codec Standards galaxy s9

Which Bluetooth audio coding standard should I choose on my mobile phone?

  • If you're listening to music, choose audio codecs like AAC, LDAC, LHDC, LLAC, APTX hd, or Samsung Seamless if available on your phone. 
  • If you're watching movies or playing games with your smartphone, it's a good idea to choose dynamic codecs or low latency, such as SBC (170ms), AAC (190ms), or aptX (approx. 160ms). 
This way, you will avoid delays in audio transmission from your phone to your earbuds while watching movies or playing games.

How to change bluetooth coding standard for android mobile device 

Now, after you've chosen your mobile phone's preferred Bluetooth audio codec, follow these steps to configure its use on Android:
  1. Connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers that will be used to play audio to your mobile phone.
  2. Activate the developer options on your Android device.
  3. Now, go to your phone's settings and go into the developer options.
  4. Select the Bluetooth audio codec option in the Android system.
  5. Choose your favorite program from among the available audio codecs.
How to change the Bluetooth codec for Android mobile device
With these steps, your smartphone will start using the codec you have chosen to stream audio to your headphones or speakers via Bluetooth. This was a detailed article explaining the standards for encoding Bluetooth programs in Android phones and how to activate the best for you.
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