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Home AI polygraphy app from an innovative US company..VerifEye

AI polygraphy app from an innovative US company..VerifEye

Artificial intelligence has made significant advances in recent years, beginning with creating advanced images, improving online search processes, and even developing realistic models for platforms like OnlyFans. Among these developments comes the VerifEye application, which offers an unexpected function: it works as a lie detection device.
VerifEye .. An application from a famous American company to detect the person in front of you lying or not with artificial intelligence

Detect whether the person in front of you is lying or not using artificial intelligence

VerifEye stands out as a free application developed by the American company Converus, which has 10 years of experience in developing lie detection technologies. The application aims to facilitate access to a lie detection device. Although Converus has not explicitly confirmed that the application uses artificial intelligence in lie detection, it is logical to assume that it relies on AI techniques to analyze individual eye movements to detect their truthfulness.

The concept of VerifEye's operation relies on studying involuntary eye movements, as various theories suggest that individuals who lie exhibit specific movements in their eyes. Although the effectiveness of this method is not guaranteed 100%, VerifEye claims that its results are 80% effective.

To conduct a lie detection test using VerifEye, the application provides a short tutorial outlining the steps to take before answering the questions. The test includes questions posed by the application that the individual must answer based on its instructions. The individual is asked to place the phone at a certain distance from their face or the face of the person they want to test for honesty, and each testing session takes about 5 minutes.

What is VerifEye TM?

VerifEye is a mobile application for iOS or Android phones that quickly and accurately verifies the truth by measuring involuntary eye behavior. VerifEye tests can be self-administered almost anywhere in about 10 minutes and in almost any language. It significantly changes the way the world verifies truth.

World-renowned scientists developed the original visual motion deception test in 2003, and through intensive research, they have made improvements since then, including this important achievement.

Why is VerifEye different?

Compared to other available truth verification options, it is fast, accurate, easy to use, automated, cost-effective, flexible, and specifically designed for mobile phones. VerifEye is unique.

What does VerifEye do?

Using a standard cell phone, along with some patent-pending technologies, you can accurately verify the truth of these scenarios:
  1. Employment: To screen job applicants or contractors, or to monitor the behavior of current employees or contractors.
  2. Identity: To verify a person's identity regarding financial services, or to verify the authenticity of a self-reported profile or personal or professional profile, or to verify the identity of a person for access control.
  3. Creditworthiness: To determine credit risks for new customer accounts, loans, or credit lines.
  4. Claims: To verify the truthfulness of insurance claims, to test compliance with a treatment program or parole terms, or to resolve claims of marital infidelity or sexual misconduct.

What happens when you don't tell the truth?

Your mind has to work harder when you are deceptive. The more severe the consequences of getting caught, the greater the workload (cognitive load). And this affects the eyes, whether you know it or not. VerifEye measures changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, blinking, fixations, and more.

Why does it matter?

When taken alongside other tests, it can add validity to the selection or review process. VerifEye is an explicit truth verification test designed to directly measure the participant's memory of previous experiences, including dishonest or counterproductive behavior. Credibility can be a strong indicator of overall job performance, reliability, and trustworthy conduct.
Currently, the VerifEye application may not be available in all countries worldwide, so if the download button below does not work in your country, the reason may be the region you are in. You can always try using a VPN or download the APK from the link provided below..Downloadable via Play Store or Apple Store|   VerifEye |
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