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Elon Musk's body-: This body type is inevitable after the age of forty....Follow these steps to avoid it

Do you see Elon Musk on social media and his pictures and body while he is swimming on the beaches? This is the body that spreads in men in their forties. Are you young and want to avoid this conical body?

An adult's body type can be described as "mesomorphic", characterized by good muscular development and a rectangular body.
This body type is inevitable for most people, especially after the age of forty.  Follow these steps to avoid it

Defeating the 'Elon Musk' Body: Steps to Stay Fit After Forty

Mesomorphic body type is one of three known body types that describes the physical structure based on the distribution of muscle and fat. Here are some details:
  1. Mesomorphism: It is characterized by good muscle development and moderate fat content.
  2. The body is shaped like a rectangle, where the width and length are approximately equal.
  3. This type is suitable for sports activities and muscle building.
  4. A person can be of average weight or plump.
This body type is often referred to as "skinny fat." While weight may fall within a normal range, it does not reflect a healthy body composition.

In the photo, we observe that:
  • There is a high fat percentage, evident from mild gynecomastia (male breast tissue).
  • There is an increase in waist circumference indicating visceral fat accumulation, which is the most harmful type of fat due to its strong link to heart disease and metabolic disorders.
  • There is low muscle mass, as seen from disproportionate shoulders and arms compared to the rest of the body.

Why is this body type said to be unavoidable after the age of 40?

Because all of the following factors accumulate over time and become more challenging to reverse with age:
  1. Overall body fat percentage increases.
  2. Muscle loss accelerates.
  3. Building muscle becomes more difficult.
  4. Testosterone levels decline with age, making it harder to maintain body composition.
  5. Visceral fat in particular gradually increases as a percentage of total body fat.
Why is this body type said to be unavoidable after the age of 40?
Photo  Elon Musk

If you want to prevent the occurrence of a “skinny-fat” or mesomorphic body

As this body shape could be part of a larger health issue called metabolic syndrome, which includes things like high cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance.

To prevent this, you need to work on:
- Consuming the right amount of protein (1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is a good target for most people, higher if you exercise a lot). Increasing protein intake is associated with reduced fat accumulation and increased muscle mass. You can get it from natural sources like chicken, eggs, red meat, fish, legumes, etc., and supplement with protein powders like whey isolate.

- Focus on resistance training: Aim to train each major muscle group twice a week, reaching near muscle failure to stimulate growth.

- Avoid overeating: Choose any diet you prefer, but ultimately, excess calories will lead to fat gain.

- Creatine supplements may help build muscle mass. A daily dose of 5 grams is suitable for most people.

- Some weight loss medications like Mongarol and Ozempic may help with appetite control, but emphasize protein intake and resistance training if using them.

- Measure your testosterone levels. It's not uncommon for men's testosterone levels to decrease after age forty, requiring medical intervention. The earlier you know, the better. Always under medical supervision.

- High-stress life and nervous activation lead to chronic cortisol elevation, which contributes to difficulty in losing fat.
Elon Musk's body-: This body type is inevitable after the age of forty....Follow these steps to avoid it
- Poor sleep quality and inadequate sleep also lead to increased cortisol and insulin resistance. Good sleep is essential for muscle building and fat loss.

- Aim for over 8,000 steps per day. Higher step counts (and brisk walking) are associated with reduced metabolic syndrome risk.

- Measure your weight, muscle mass, and waist circumference. The gold standard for measuring body composition and fat is a DEXA scan. It uses a small dose of X-rays to measure fat tissue, muscle mass, and bone density for precise measurements, but simpler tools like a measuring tape for waist circumference and a scale can also be helpful.

- Other important factors that can help improve fat metabolism: quit alcohol and smoking, reduce processed foods and sugary drinks.

These were the reasons and advice about the “skinny, fat” body and how to avoid it in your forties. I wish you a healthy soul.
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