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 LOOKING for a quicker and simpler way to access your favorite files and folders on Windows? Look no further! There are several programs designed specifically for this purpose, eliminating the need to waste time searching for files across your computer.
5 Windows tools to improve the speed of access to files and programs by shortening them on the desktop

5 Windows tools to improve the speed of access to files and programs by shortening them on the desktop

In this article, we'll introduce you to top-notch tools that allow you to open files and folders with just one or two mouse clicks, all of which we have tested and highly recommend.

While the taskbar and Start menu in the Windows system are crucial for launching programs and files, accessing them can become challenging due to the abundance of programs and files. Thankfully, numerous programs are available to streamline this process, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency. Here, we'll review the best of these programs that we've tested and believe will greatly benefit you.

Tray Launcher

Tray Launcher is a free software designed to streamline access to essential features on your computer.
  1. Tray Launcher brings together all your programs, games, files, and folders in one window.
  2. It lets you access everything you need through minimized icons on the taskbar, next to the clock.
  3. You can add as many shortcuts as you want, including shortcuts to Windows system settings.
It enables quick access to your preferred programs, games, frequently used files, and folders by consolidating them into a unified window. This allows easy access through small icons located on the taskbar near the clock.
Tray Launcher Tray Launcher is a free software designed to streamline access to essential features on your computer.
In addition to creating shortcuts for programs and games, Tray Launcher also supports adding shortcuts for Windows settings like Updates, Battery, and Recycle Bin. It boasts a straightforward, user-friendly interface, featuring a popup window that appears at the bottom of the screen when activated, enabling you to manage all your desired shortcuts.

You can add an unlimited number of shortcuts and utilize a search bar to filter results by name. Tray Launcher is designed to be compatible with Windows 11 and functions across all Windows versions. Ultimately, Tray Launcher serves as a valuable tool for desktop organization, promoting a clutter-free workspace.

Launcher program

Launcher is a free program designed to efficiently manage and launch your preferred computer applications directly from your desktop.
  1. Launcher adds a small button at the top of the desktop.
  2. You can press the button to display a list of your favorite programs.
  3. You can add new programs to the list easily.
  4. You can create groups to organize programs.
  5. You can customize Launcher's colors and shape.
Upon installation and activation, Launcher places a small button at the top of your desktop. Clicking this button reveals a compact menu where you can easily access your favorite programs. The menu comes preloaded with commonly used applications, and you can customize it by adding new programs. Simply click the plus sign (+) and use the magnifying glass icon in the "Open application" window to select programs from your installed applications. You can also add specific files such as documents using the "Open file" option, or entire folders using the "Open folder" option.

Launcher includes various customization options, allowing you to organize shortcuts into groups, personalize theme colors, and adjust the appearance of the desktop button. If the taskbar doesn't provide quick access to all your preferred programs, Launcher offers a user-friendly alternative with minimal impact on your computer's performance.

Apps Wheel

Apps Wheel is a free program designed to help you organize your preferred apps and games conveniently within a user-friendly circular interface.
  1. Apps Wheel displays your favorite programs and games in a circular menu.
  2. You can access any program or game with just one click.
  3. You can add an unlimited number of programs and games to Apps Wheel.
  4. You can filter shows and games by genre or favorites.
  5. You can search for programs and games quickly and easily.
It aims to swiftly arrange the programs and games you use frequently, ensuring easy access through a graphical circular menu. This menu contains shortcuts to your favorite items and can be toggled with Alt + tilde (~) on your keyboard. Adding programs or games is simple: click the plus sign (+), then "Browse" to select the executable file (usually .exe) of the program or game you wish to include.
Apps Wheel Apps Wheel is a free program
There's no limit to the number of programs you can add; once the wheel is full, a second wheel is automatically generated, navigable using left and right arrows. Additionally, you can create a favorites list and filter programs using three buttons beneath the inner wheel. These filters allow you to view favorites only or sort between games and programs. For quick access, there's also a search function. In essence, Apps Wheel offers an excellent method to organize your favorite programs efficiently, without relying on the Start menu or cluttering your desktop with icons.

Dock Folders

  1. Dock Folders adds a minimized icon to the taskbar.
  2. You can add as many folders as you want to Dock Folders.
  3. You can access any folder with just one click.
  4. Dock Folders displays all files and subfolders in each folder.
  5. You can open any file directly from the Dock Folders.
  6. You can add program shortcuts to Dock Folders.
Dock Folders is a free program for Windows designed to provide convenient access to folders, files, and programs directly from the taskbar. It eliminates the need for installation; simply launch it and a small icon appears next to the clock on the taskbar. Right-clicking this icon allows you to access "Settings" for initial setup.
Dock Folders
Within the Settings window, you can easily add folders you frequently use by clicking the plus sign (+). The program includes the "Documents" folder by default, which can be removed if unnecessary. Additionally, you can configure various options such as enabling automatic startup with Windows, disabling sound feedback on icon clicks, and setting a keyboard shortcut to open the folders menu.

After configuring your preferences, click "Save". Now, clicking once on the "Dock Folders" icon reveals a menu displaying all added folders. Navigate through these folders directly from the menu to find and open desired files, bypassing the use of File Explorer. This program offers a streamlined method to swiftly access folders, files, and programs directly from the taskbar. For added convenience, you can create a folder, populate it with shortcuts to your preferred programs, and integrate it into the Dock Folders list for quick access from any location.

Lumo Tray

LumoTray is a free program designed for creating personalized shortcut menus of your preferred programs and tools.
  1. LumoTray adds a new button to the taskbar.
  2. You can create custom lists of your favorite programs and tools.
  3. You can access your custom lists with just one click.
  4. LumoTray supports both installed and portable software.
  5. You can rearrange the programs in the list easily.
  6. You can create new folders to organize your programs.
Lumo Tray
Once installed, LumoTray adds a new taskbar button. By double-clicking this button and selecting "Settings," you can open the settings window to navigate to the "Menu" section. Here, you can easily create custom menus for quick access to your favorite applications while using your computer.

The program includes a pre-loaded folder with shortcuts for Calculator and Command Prompt, which you can delete or supplement with new shortcuts. Adding a program to the menu involves typing its name, selecting its executable file (typically in EXE format) by clicking "Browse," and then pressing "Add." Both installed and portable programs are supported, and you can rearrange items using drag-and-drop.

You can also create new folders by entering their names and clicking the "Add" button. Once your menu is set up, simply right-click the LumoTray icon on the taskbar to access it, revealing your customized menu of preferred programs.

Beyond creating shortcut menus, LumoTray offers additional functionalities like automatically changing desktop backgrounds and lock screens, as well as enabling one-click fullscreen content across multiple screens. While the program is entirely free, it periodically displays a message encouraging support for developers through purchasing the paid version. In conclusion, LumoTray is an excellent tool for organizing your favorite programs, complemented by features that may appeal to various users.

File and folder opening programs offer a magic bullet to organize and easily access files in Windows. With these programs, you will be able to save time and significantly improve productivity. Try one of these programs today and discover the convenience it offers!.
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