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Ransomware Nightmare: These malicious programs hijack your data and demand a ransom for its return, leaving you feeling desperate and fearful of losing valuable files.

But today, it's time for some good news! Avast, a leader in cybersecurity, has announced a major breakthrough: they've cracked the encryption algorithm of the DoNex ransomware!
The DoNex ransomware is a thing of the past... Thanks to Avast, you can now recover your data and files for free

Get rid of ransomware for free.... Now you can recover your data and files for free thanks to Avast

The worst scenario when browsing the internet is falling victim to ransomware. Without a solid backup plan, this type of malware can encrypt all your personal and private data on your computer and demand a hefty ransom for its release. If you don’t pay, you lose your data (and even if you do pay, you often can’t get it back). Fortunately, not all hope is lost after such an attack. Today, we have some great news.

Avast, one of the world’s most renowned security companies known for its free antivirus software, has announced a significant achievement. They have managed to crack the encryption algorithm of the DoNex ransomware, which has been causing a lot of trouble for users. This breakthrough means that all victims of this ransomware can now recover their data completely free of charge.

DoNex, formerly known as DarkRace, is a malicious ransomware that began its activities on the internet in 2022. According to available data, this malware operates globally, but mainly targets the United States and Europe. DoNex works deceitfully, with hackers tricking users into downloading malicious software through fake websites or spam emails. Once the malicious file is downloaded onto the computer, the infection begins.

When DoNex completes the infection process, it encrypts all data on the infected computer. The program then demands victims pay a large sum of money to obtain the key needed to restore the data.

Avast has not provided many details about the vulnerability in this ransomware, but they discovered a flaw in the encryption used by the hackers. This discovery allowed Avast to develop a free tool to recover data encrypted by DoNex. This tool works with both DoNex and earlier versions of the malware. To successfully run the tool, users will need two encrypted files and two unencrypted files, enabling the program to detect the key. The data recovery process can take a few minutes and consume a significant amount of RAM.

The free tool can be downloaded from the link provided by Avast, providing hope for affected users to recover their data without paying a ransom to the hackers.

How to use DoNex ransomware decryption software

1. Download the decryption software here avast_decryptor_donex.exe .

2. Execute the executable file, preferably with administrator privileges. This will initiate a wizard that will guide you through the decryption setup process.

3. On the first page, you will find a link to licensing information. Click the "Next" button when you are ready to proceed.
How to use the DonNex ransomware decryption software
4. The next page prompts the user to specify the locations (drives, folders, and files) to decrypt. By default, the page displays a list of all local drives.
How to use the DonNex ransomware decryption software
5. On the subsequent page, you must provide an example of an original file and a file encrypted by any version of the DoNex ransomware. Enter the names of these two files. You can also drag and drop files from Windows Explorer onto the wizard page. Selecting a pair of files with the largest possible size is crucial. The maximum size of a file that can be decrypted by the tool is determined by the size of the encrypted file in the pair.
The DoNex ransomware is a thing of the past... Thanks to Avast, you can now recover your data and files for free
6. The following page is where the password cracking process occurs. Click "Start" when you are ready to initiate this process. While typically only taking a few seconds, this process requires a significant amount of system memory. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the 64-bit version of the decryption tool. Once the password is found, you can proceed to decrypt all encrypted files on your computer by clicking "Next."
How to use the DonNex ransomware decryption software
7. On the final page, you have the option to create backup copies of the encrypted files. These backups can be invaluable in case of any errors during the decryption process. This option is enabled by default and is recommended. After clicking "Decrypt," the decryption process will commence. Allow the decryption tool to run and wait for it to finish decrypting all your files.
How to use the DonNex ransomware decryption software
Dealing with ransomware attacks requires having the decryption key to recover all hijacked data, which unlocks and restores access to encrypted files, effectively neutralizing the immediate threat.

However, possessing the key and recovering data is just the beginning. To prevent future incidents, implementing robust security measures is essential. This includes regular software updates, using strong, unique passwords, implementing multi-factor authentication, and educating users about phishing scams and other cyber threats. Regularly backing up data and ensuring secure, separate storage from the main network are also vital. This multi-layered approach establishes a strong defense against potential cyber-attacks, ensuring that even if one layer is breached, others can still provide protection.
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