How do you know if a site is down for you only or if it is a general problem for everyone?

Everyone knows the annoying experience when you try to enter a site or a service to find yourself unable to do so, and of course here comes the usual question: Is the service experiencing problems now, or is it just stopped for me for another reason?
How do you know if a site is down for you only or if it is a general problem for everyone?

Appearance treatment  HTTP ERROR 500

In fact, this can be confirmed in an intuitive way, by asking a friend who lives far away from you, or even asking in some social networking group. On the other hand, there is a better and easier way to check whether a site is down or working. Here we will explain how to do it.

MAKE sure you are connected to the INTERNET

Try going to a regular page like the Google search page or something else. In case the other page does not work as well, there is a possibility that your internet connection or some custom settings are the problem that needs to be fixed.

- If you are able to access other sites, complete the steps to identify the possible causes of the problem.

Try activating the VPN service

There is a possibility that the service or website you are trying to connect to is blocked in your country, and even if you are used to using it, the ban may only have been applied recently.

Test the site with Down for Everyone or Just Me

 All you have to do is type the link you are trying to access in the box on the home page of the site«, and then wait for the results to appear.

This service attempts to access the page you place from several servers around the world. If you are able to access it, the problem is yours, but if it suffers from the inability to contact it, this means that the problem is general and not limited to you.

Check Site Status on Down Detector Service

The Down Detector website includes many basic and important services, and allows the user to survey the status of any of them and know their instantaneous status, in addition to any recent problems that the service has encountered.

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