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EdgeMask app to add Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 to your Android phone

 You can add the Dynamic Island of iPhone 14 to your Android phone, the Apple features you've been working on for years can be copied in less than a week on iPhones by app developers.

How to add Dynamic Island in iPhone 14 to your Android phone even if it is old

How to add Dynamic Island in iPhone 14 to your Android phone even if it is old

With each generation of mobile phones, the screen space becomes larger and larger with the presence of the front camera and sensors, allowing you to take full advantage of the size of your mobile phone. For which Apple created an innovative solution for the iPhone 14, which I called Dynamic Island.

The best way to get this feature on Android at the moment is by using an app called EdgeMask. This app combines different models of floating notifications which are very similar to Apple Dynamic Island, however, it also has other equally amazing options.
Once you've downloaded the EdgeMask app, follow the steps below to start using the app and set up your Dynamic Island on your phone:

  • Open the EdgeMask app.
  • Click on the Apps option that may appear at the top and then enable the option that appears to you.
  • Now choose Notification Access and enable the toggle next to the EdgeMask icon.
  • Finally, click on the Accessibility option.
  • On the screen that appears, tap Downloaded Services.
  • - Here you need to open EdgeMask option and enable accessibility button.

To make sure that the notification of any mobile app does not appear twice, the best thing that you can do is to go through all the apps that usually send you notifications regularly and block the floating notifications. Otherwise, it is very likely that the same notification will appear twice on the screen.

- How do I set my notifications to look like a Dynamic Island

Once the EdgeMask app is installed and with all the necessary permissions granted, we can get to the fun part which is customizing our Android notifications to look like the ones published by Dynamic Island. Perform the following steps to get your Dynamic Island on your phone:
Click on the Message option inside the EdgeMask homepage.
- There are many options that the app offers you, but the most similar to Dynamic Island is Samsung Message Style, it looks cynical, but it is.
- Now, to make it more cool and attractive, you can add colors and shapes to it.
- Tap on the Use extracted colors option, so that the notification takes the main colors of the app logo, for example, Telegram alerts in blue, WhatsApp notifications in green, Instagram notifications in purple, etc.
Likewise, by clicking on the background color and the message color, you can select the colors that suit you best.
- After you have finished adjusting the rest of the options that appear to you in the edit menu, remember to enable the margin option so that you can specify the level at which you want to place the notice on the screen.

The app also lets you add border effects the moment you receive a notification. However, this is an additional thing that you can achieve according to your mobile phone without using this application, however, we invite you to try the different customization options that the Effects section of EdgeMask provides because they are many.

Application download link EdgeMask

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