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Sites to Download Free PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint is an excellent support tool, especially since it has well-designed templates and support.When explaining a particular topic, it is a good idea to have useful tools that accompany the speaker's skills and abilities.
Therefore, you must ensure that your presentations meet the expectations of the audience.
If you want to know some websites to download free PowerPoint templates, keep reading this article.
Here are some websites to download completely free PowerPoint templates with perfect animations, graphics, and elements for your presentations.


It is one of the most popular websites for downloading PowerPoint templates, due to the variety of categories available with ready-to-use templates.
Within the platform, you will not only have access to templates, but you will also be able to choose special designs for diagrams and graphs.
interface is flat and simple, becoming an easy-to-navigate portal. On the main screen you will have a section with the most popular templates accompanied by thumbnails with the design of each presentation, so you will have an idea before choosing.


It is a very versatile site where you can get templates according to different situations: curriculum summaries, concept maps, graphics, diagrams, shapes, elements and of course PowerPoint presentations with the best quality.
His policy is to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and therefore, you will find daily layouts with beautiful illustrations and transitions adapted to different types of events.
Best of all, each template includes information relevant to the viewer, including dimensions, number of pages, design screenshots, and more.

Slide Hunter

The PowerPoint templates available in Slide Hunter are simple and conservative in style. Best of all, on this site you will not only find PowerPoint templates but also templates available to add to your presentations, charts with modern designs, and materials with a fully customizable 3D design.
As if that were not enough, it integrates a smart search engine, where you can add keywords for your searches and the system will show you all the templates according to your needs.

 24 Slides

It is a web portal containing a variety of free PowerPoint templates for your presentations or business meetings.
The site design is intuitive and templates will be displayed on the web side. Among the various templates you can get trading patterns, tables, graphs, charts, charts, and more.
Each template will come with a thumbnail showing the layout of the presentation, so you'll have an idea before you download it.

Presentation Magazine

It is a web portal where you can find informative and supportive materials to do an excellent job. Thanks to its blog area, you can learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation or similar tools from scratch.
One of the most notable features is that you can share your templates with the community, thus, you will be able to find very “amateur” designs or cool designs with professional finishes.


It is a website that focuses on providing its users with the best free PowerPoint templates. They are usually updated with the latest trends, becoming a good choice for your presentations in the workplace.
The platform has 9 categories like Business, Minimal, Professional, Education, Technology, Modern..., and each one is full of templates that can be downloaded.


 It is another website that has a large database of PowerPoint templates for free download. On this site, new templates are uploaded daily by categories, so you will have ones to choose from.
The topics that abound in the portal can be used for any type of presentation, among them: education, marketing, business, medicine and much more.
And despite the fact that a lot of the content is completely free, you can pay for a membership and get access to a premium catalog with unique and exclusive items.

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