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Create any number of folders with the click of a button using this Folder Creator tool, if your work on the computer requires creating many sequential folders with consecutive numbers of the same name, this tool will benefit you greatly.

Folder CreatorFolder Creator
Folder Creator is a portable tool that does not require installation and can easily create a number of organized folders with a specific name and sequential numbering.

- Download the tool from the link here »And you will find the program interface is very simple, specify the place where the new folders are kept, then set the general name that will apply to all folders and then choose the number of folders and numbers so that the folders are easy to distinguish,then press the “Create” button and the specified number of folders will be created in The site you initially chose.

This tool will especially help photographers to categorize multiple items such as wedding photos,or developers when they are creating multiple versions of the same application, among others. Harness this tool that can create up to 1,000 folders with one click.
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