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We attach to you in this article a way to improve the quality of a group of images at once by increasing their sharpness using artificial intelligence, as the Batch AI Photo Sharpener program is completely free and works to increase the sharpness of images and make them clearer using artificial intelligence, so it is not enough to deal with only one image at a time, but rather a group of photos at a time easily.
The program has a very simple graphical interface, all you have to do after running it is to add the images to be improved and then press the "Start Now" button.
The program provides a set of options that, when carefully tuned, get the best possible result......»For example, from the Mode menu, select Denoise or Unblur to improve image quality and clarity.
And in the Output menu, you choose the extension of the images after processing.
From the "AI Algorithm" menu, the program determines whether the image includes a cartoon, a logo, or just a normal image, in order to make the artificial intelligence better adapt to the content of the image to obtain the best result.
And as we see that artificial intelligence tools have made the field of editing and editing on the media in general much easier

- Program download link Batch AI Photo Sharpener
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