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There are many websites that allow us to work with PDF in the cloud when we don't have a tool installed on our computer.

Sites that go straight to our favourites because they save us a lot of time, and without having to install anything. And now you can add a new option with this suggestion that will allow you to perform more than 30 actions from a PDF file.

Surely you already have an application that works as a PDF editor and converter within your web toolkit. But it may not be as complete a proposal as the one from FormatPDF.

This free online site makes it easy to edit and work with PDF files considering different contexts, as it has more than 30 tools.

For example, you can compress a PDF file to reduce the file size when you share it on the web. Or you can use a tool to split a PDF file and extract some pages and images, or to rearrange the content.

Or you may need to rotate the pages of the PDF file because they were created incorrectly. You can also make this correction from one of the functions provided by FormatPDF.Other functions are also added to convert a PDF file to another format, for example, PDF to Excel, PDF to EPUB, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to ODT, PDF to JPG, among other options. Of course, there is also the possibility to convert any format to a PDF file.
Or, you may need to adjust some details before sharing a PDF, such as watermarking it, filling out a form, or password-protecting it so that the PDF is not edited or copied.
You can perform all these actions just by choosing the tool that corresponds to the task you need to perform in the PDF file from FormatPDF. Once you choose the tool, you just have to upload the file and wait for the result to appear.
-Link: FormatPDF
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