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Character.AI » a bot to rival ChatGPT that lets you chat with "anyone dead or alive"

The surge of artificial intelligence applications that have appeared on the Internet over the past few months has sparked a debate that does not seem to end soon, after applications such as (ChatGPT) became famous, difficult questions were raised about: how, when and why we should turn to bots in search of companionship or Answers to our questions.

In particular, chatbots have proven that AI can rise to new levels that are both interesting and controversial.

Their latest attention-grabbing creation is the(Character.AI) tool that lets you chat with a digital version of almost anyone, living or dead, real or imaginary...

In a similar way to the ChatGPT bot, Character.AI, developed by former Google researchers Daniel de Freitas and Noam Shazier, draws information from articles, news stories, books, and other digital sources to provide plausible responses from individuals or personas it selects. the user.

Unlike ChatGPT, Character.AI is focused on entertainment, especially since its website features the following warning: "Everything the characters say is made up."”.

"The creators of the tool said in a recent interview with The New York Times, 'These systems were not designed to be real.' They added, 'It's designed for sensible conversations. Character.AI is useful today for entertainment, emotional support, idea generation, and all kinds of creativity.'

The tool (Character.AI) also differs from the OpenAI tool in that it is not designed to become the preferred search engine for users. On the contrary, as The New York Times warned, 'Companies, including Character.AI, are confident that the general public will learn to accept the imperfections of chat software and build a healthy mistrust of everything it says.'
It should also be noted that no matter who one chooses to speak to via Character.AI, responses will be written in plain English. Users can try the Character.AI tool without logging in and by choosing one of the characters.

'If you read what someone like [philosopher Karl] Kautsky wrote in the nineteenth century, he doesn't use the same language we use today,' said Jonas Thiel, a socio-economics specialist at a college in Germany, in an interview with The New York Times. 'But the AI you're working on (Character.AI) can somehow translate its thoughts into regular modern English.'

It is believed that the technology that Character.AI is developing has the advantage of adding value to reality, especially as it provides an easy way to access the complex set of theories and philosophies, especially those formulated by scientists centuries ago. Moreover, Character.AI appears to be a completely new innovation that serves a different purpose than ChatGPT and similar systems being developed by other tech giants such as Google and Meta. As for the moral ramifications of chatting with fictional versions of real-life people, living or dead, it seems that the questions raised by artificial intelligence will not end soon."
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