Get Answers to the Questions you want Using AI Perplexity

Using AI
Perplexity is a free website that provides answers to your questions by sourcing information from reputable and extensive websites. It also offers references to the sources it extracts information from.

This novel platform is designed to assist you in your professional tasks and educational pursuits, alleviating the need for extensive research. It proves particularly beneficial to students, researchers, and bloggers who curate information for their articles and studies. The site leverages artificial intelligence to deliver precise responses to your inquiries.

»To use the site, you can visit its link PERPLEXITY

In addition, the site suggests questions similar to the ones you asked in order to help you get more information about the topic you are searching for.

You can add a shortcut to this feature for the Chrome browser, where you can quickly search on the browser by clicking on that shortcut, which will show a bar in which you can write the question without having to enter the site.

You can also share the page that contains the questions he answered in order to share it with your friends, for example, by copying the page link.

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