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The main function of VPN software and services is to hide the user's IP address and prevent data leakage, there are many services that fail to do this for real, sites can find out your real IP address even though you are using a VPN service, so how do you know if the VPN service you are using is powerful and doing its job or not.

There are three main types of crashes that cause a VPN to fail to perform its basic function.

- IP address leak

This is due to the incompatibility of most VPN applications with IPv6 IP addresses where the VPN redirects the user to a remote server with the IPv4 address encrypted and the user's IPv6 address remains the same without encryption.
»To test the existence of this leak or not, we run the VPN service we use.
»Then we enter the ipleaks and the IP address will appear, if it is similar to the real address, know that there is a leak of the IP address and you must change the VPN service you are using.

- DNS address leaked

It is called DNS Leaks, which VPNs encrypt and replace with other DNS servers that act as an intermediary between the user and the websites he browses, and when this encryption fails, the data will pass through the original DNS headers directly, and those who have access to the actual DNS records will be able to see the user's complete activity history on the Internet.
» To test for DNS leaks, log in to dnsleaktest  without running the VPN.
» Then press the Extended Test button to view all the DNS servers used.
» Recheck while connected to the VPN service and then compare the results, if the results are similar, this indicates the possibility of a DNS leak.

- Leaking WebRTC

This protocol is supported in all modern web browsers and is a system from Google that allows users to make voice and video communications in real time through the browser, and the problem here is that when using this type of connection, it may cause the de-encryption of the user's IPv4 address or the user's IPv6 address or both, and this is what is known as WebRTC Leaks.
» To detect a WebRTC leak, you can use the Perfect Privacy WebRTC website, which provides a specialized tool for testing the occurrence of a WebRTC leak and other tools for previous tests as well.
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