Shortcut Maker is a great app to create a shortcut to anything in your Android phone with icon and name customization

An application that you will love a lot to create a shortcut to anything in your phone with the icon and name customized, which is Shortcut Maker, where what distinguishes the Android operating system from iOS is that it is customizable, through certain applications you can perform many useful actions, for example, you can make shortcuts to almost everything in the system such as contacts and phone features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS, sound, vibrator, clock, alarm, etc., Internet sites, folders, files, etc. to access directly from the home screen, and in this post we will learn about a special application for this task.
  • Shortcut Maker is free for Android phones and you can create shortcuts to apps, settings, system tools and anything in Android. 
  • Download the app from the Google Play Store➛ Shortcut Maker
  •  After launching the application, choose the item for which you want to create a shortcut, such as a contact, application, website, folder, etc.
  • While creating the shortcut you will be able to customize the icon, modify the name and protect the shortcut with the lock screen

  • You can change the shape, size, color and image of the icon as if you were creating a new one and you can import ready-made icons from your phone if any, and you can also use system icons or an image from your phone
After you finish customizing the shortcut, click "Create Shortcut" to display the shortcut on the home screen
You can create infinite and different shortcuts to anything you want in your phone in the same way

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