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 If you own a small business or manage a small company, creating and managing invoices will be a crucial part of your work. To make this task easier, you can rely on invoicing applications. These applications allow you to create invoices and send them directly to your customers, and some of them have other features that help you track payments and more.Here are 5 of the most prominent of these applications::

Top Billing Apps for Small Business Owners

The most prominent billing apps for small business owners for Android phones and iPhone

1-InvoiceTemplate application:

InvoiceTemplate is a free web application for creating invoices without the need for creating an account. When you open the application, you will be presented with an invoice template, and on the left-hand side, there is a list of options that you can add to the invoice as desired, such as currency, VAT, shipping charges, discounts, terms and conditions, notes, and more.

When you activate any of the above options, they will be added to the main invoice template, and then you can start filling out the template by adding the customer's name and address, your name and address, invoice number, issue date, due date, and order number. Then add the products or services, along with the quantity and cost, to automatically generate the total cost.

»InvoiceTemplate includes five different invoice templates, which you can choose from if the default template on the homepage does not suit your needs. After creating an invoice, you can print it directly, download it to your computer, or share it.

2- EazyPay.Me application:

EazyPay is one of the simplest web applications for creating professional-looking invoices. To get started using it, you will be asked to register or log in using your Google or Apple account, and then you can start creating the invoice.

After registering in the application, click on the "Create an invoice" button, and start filling in the information in the four sections that will appear to you, which are:

  • The "Items" section for adding each service or product, its quantity, value, and any applicable taxes.
  • The "Client" section for adding the customer's details.
  • The "Other" section for adding the invoice issuance date, due date, invoice number, and the currency you have chosen, and you can also add any notes in this section.
  • The "Payment Methods" section for choosing how to receive digital payments, and one of the available options is to add your bank account details to receive direct transfers.
After entering all the information, you can preview the invoice and then share it via email or copy a special link to share it in other applications or save it in PDF format.

»The EazyPay.Me application allows you to create three invoices in the free account, and if you want to use it to create a large number of invoices, you can subscribe to one of the paid subscription plans.

3- Simple Invoice Manager Application:

The Simple Invoice Manager app features that help you easily create multiple invoices for long periods of time by setting up your own custom template that includes essential elements you want to add to any invoice, such as your business logo, name, address, and digital signature.

When you want to create an invoice, the application prepares a template that includes the basic elements you previously added, and then you can start adding other items to complete the invoice, and then send it via email or print it directly from the application.

»The Simple Invoice Manager app is available for iPhone users on the App Store and for Android users on the Google Play Store for free with the option to subscribe within the app.

4-  Invoicera App:

The Invoicera application can be used to easily and quickly create professional invoices and save them as PDF files or send them directly to clients via email. If you have a number of regular clients and the invoices themselves are repetitive, you can use the recurring invoice automation feature for clients, where the application creates and sends the invoice to the client automatically on the due date.

»The Invoicera application is available for iPhone users on the App Store, and for Android users on the Google Play Store for free with the option to subscribe within the application.

5- GSInvoice Application:

GS Invoice is a free application for creating invoices in Google Sheets and easily sending them via email to customers. This application includes three main sheets: Unsent, Sent, and Paid. In addition to other sheets, one of which contains a template used to create an invoice in the application and will automatically be added to the Unsent sheet.

Afterward, you can send it via email directly from GSInvoice without leaving Google Sheet, and it will automatically move to the Sent tab. Once you receive payment, the invoice will automatically move to the Paid tab. The GSInvoice application is available for download on computers only.

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