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AI-based marketing tools have been around for a long time, but this year AI has risen in popularity and importance in almost all areas, including: e-marketing, as many companies of all sizes rely on AI-based marketing tools to promote their brands and businesses.

AI-based marketing tools have been around for a long time, but this year AI has risen in popularity and importance in almost all areas, including: e-marketing, as many companies of all sizes rely on AI-based marketing tools to promote their brands and businesses.

The market capitalization of AI-based marketing technologies reached $15.8 billion in 2021, and this figure is expected to grow by more than 30% each year to reach $108 billion in 2028.

More than 80% of industry experts are incorporating some AI technologies into their digital marketing activities, and this broad adaptation of AI for marketing purposes is not surprising given that its benefits include: automating tasks and customizing content, improving the results of advertising campaigns, improving email sending times, and much more.

AI-based marketing tools are programs or platforms that help create automated decisions based on the data collected, and have made it very easy to predict buyer behavior, as AI can process huge amounts of information taken from various sources, such as: social media and email Since data is the key to marketing, we find that artificial intelligence pushes the field of marketing a step further while saving a lot of money and time.

In light of this, today we review the most prominent artificial intelligence tools useful for those working in the field of e-marketing:

1- Phrasee tool to improve brand language:

Phrase allows you to optimize language, using artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing to create a copy of emails, Instagram, Facebook, or text messages, as well as push notifications to optimize and personalize marketing messages.

The result is that it delivers powerful marketing messages like those written by humans, compatible with the brand, and effective, and the most famous brands that use this tool are: Virgin and Domino's, eBay, Home Chef, and many other companies.
The term (brand language) refers to the set of words and phrases as well as terms that a company uses to describe its purpose or to refer to the products it sells, and the language of the brand is used in marketing to help consumers associate certain words or ideas with certain companies or products.

Here are some of the most important features of Phrasee:

  1. It creates millions of marketing copies in natural language and built around the brand's voice.
  2. Create language models designed for each client.
  3. It continuously rebuilds the forecast model based on audience response.

2- Seventh Sense tool to optimize email marketing campaigns:

Seventh Sense helps you optimize your email marketing strategy, using AI to improve and customize email sending times for each customer in the database.
To have a solid email marketing strategy, you must choose the best times and days to send messages to achieve high open rates for the emails you send, but it is impossible to find the best time for each customer, to overcome this problem, the Seventh Sense tool analyzes the data of email campaigns, determines the ideal time and day for campaigns and does this for each contact.
The tool achieves this by building a predictive model for each contact based on their activity, but it only works with Hubspot and Marketo platforms.

3- Optimove CRM optimization tool:

Optimove uses artificial intelligence to improve customer relationship management (CRM) in marketing, as it helps collect data from different platforms to provide a unified view of all information in one dashboard, allowing the marketing team to analyze or share information as well as easily define marketing strategies.

This tool analyzes all customer data provided to provide actionable recommendations and insights, as it can suggest which campaigns to continue and which campaigns to stop based on losses.

4- Crayon tool to track competitors' activities:

 Crayon helps you track competitors' activities in real time, as it tracks what each competitor is doing on and off their website and allows you to monitor competitors' digital footprints. This can include: product changes, pricing, reviews, marketing campaigns, and more.
One of the main advantages of Crayon is that it tracks more than 100 data types across more than 300 million sources.

5- Acrolinx tool to improve content quality:

Acrolinx allows you to expand your brand and improve the quality of content, by creating content that fulfills its purpose at every touchpoint in the customer journey, as high-quality content always provides a better marketing experience.

Unlike some other tools, Acrolinx is aimed at businesses, and is used by major technology companies, such as: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, IBM, and other companies.

Acrolinx uses artificial intelligence to analyze your company's current content before customizing it to better match the brand, first by identifying style preferences, rules, and using company words, and then scoring current content based on these categories before suggesting how to optimize strategy.

Here are some of the key features of the Acrolinx tool:

  1. It reviews existing content and offers solutions that match the brand's voice.
  2. It automates parts of the editing process.
  3. It integrates with content management systems, such as WordPress, and also integrates with text editing platforms such as Google Docs.

6- Personalize tool to improve campaign response rates:

Personalize uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine what each customer cares about most at any given moment so you can promote the right product or service at the right time, giving you 50% better response rates and increasing revenue.
This tool ranks the interests of each customer in your database based on their digital footprint, and then its AI engine processes data such as time spent on the page, and repeat visit to provide you with real-time insights, allowing you to create custom campaigns to increase response rates.

7- MarketMuse tool to optimize your content strategy:

MarketMuse prides itself on its use of artificial intelligence in all its services. This tool is designed for companies that need help crafting long-form optimized content such as emails, sales copies, articles, or landing pages. The tool also automates content audits.

The work of this tool begins with a deep research using artificial intelligence techniques on the specific topic, after which a preliminary draft is created based on the chosen topic to help users get started with the copy. It also includes KPIs and a feed on content to serve as a guide. Users can also continue editing the copy using the built-in editor.

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