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Artificially intelligent robots are known for their strong ability to handle text, thanks to the ease and speed with which they can effectively analyze and process it. If using PDF files is common in your academic or work activities, it is important to use an AI-powered tool to analyze and extract valuable information from those files without any distraction from searching for other information.

ChatPDF - Analyze PDF files in a distinctive way based on artificial intelligence

A new and amazing website for studying using AI with PDF files.

ChatPDF is completely free and can analyze PDF files in a distinctive way based on artificial intelligence.
Enter from the link ChatPDF
Drag and drop the PDF file
Within seconds, ChatPDF will analyze the uploaded file and display a summary of its contents, as well as suggest questions related to the file's content that you can copy and paste into the tool to obtain excellent summarized answers. You can also ask any other question, and the answer will be provided to you using only the content of the file, without drawing your attention to external information.

You can use the website to directly upload a file through a link from the internet without the need to download it beforehand. Additionally, it provides a built-in search tool that allows you to find PDF files directly by clicking on "Find PDF" as shown in the image. You can also register an account on the website to save your conversations, and this amazing tool enables you to handle all PDF files, which has caused a great stir due to its provision of summarized information for large books and greatly facilitating studying and work.

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