Forever Voices AI - Talk to the dead or famous people with ease..The bot imitates voices in a fabulous way through Ai

Speak to realistic artificial intelligence versions of your favorite celebrities and public figures. Welcome to Forever Voices AI, the platform that allows you to talk to living and deceased celebrities with their real voice online.

Forever Voices AI

What is the Forever Voices AI project?

The ways in which people deal with the loss of loved ones can vary, but engineer John Meyer's invention, the Forever Voices project, is a new and innovative approach to dealing with this issue.

In 2017, John Meyer came up with a way to communicate with his deceased father by collecting videos and recordings of his voice, and creating a robot that speaks in his voice. However, this idea was not limited to just his personal communication with his deceased father, as he decided to expand this concept to serve anyone who wants to communicate with their deceased loved ones.

The Forever Voices project was developed to design voice robots that are trained to mimic the voice of any person desired, enabling people to communicate with their deceased loved ones in a similar way to real communication. These robots can generate phrases and recordings that mimic the voice of the deceased person, and respond to user questions based on the answers that the robot has been trained to provide.

This project was developed using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, where an AI system was trained on the voice of John Meyer's deceased father and linked to the ChatGPT programming interface, allowing the robot to form logical and coherent sentences. Afterwards, the system was linked to the Facebook Messenger application, and the voice robot was developed to interact with users in a clear and realistic voice.

This project is considered an important development in the field of technology, as it helps people to communicate with their deceased loved ones in a way that makes them feel comforted and reassured. John Meyer has expressed his desire to expand this project and train the robot on other voices, such as the voice of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs or the global singer Taylor Swift.

This project has the potential to help expand communication between people and highlight the importance of using technology in various fields.

Forever Voices AI experience

Forever Voices AI is a Telegram chatbot that uses AI-supported copies of public figures and celebrities to allow users to chat with them. The tool claims to provide a realistic personality for the characters that users want to chat with.

The robot utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to simulate the personalities of famous figures, including actors, musicians, and even politicians. Users can download Telegram to get instant access to Forever Voices AI through the @ForeverVoicesBot.-You can try it on this link to Forever Voices AI bot on Telegram

Forever Voices AI

Forever Voices AI aims to provide an engaging and entertaining experience for users who want to interact with algorithms that can provide good imitations of the voices of major celebrities. The robot aims to offer a unique and personal experience for users who are curious about how their favorite celebrities would respond to specific questions.

In conclusion, Forever Voices AI is a chatbot that utilizes AI algorithms to simulate the personalities of numerous public figures and bring them to life in Telegram chat rooms. It provides a realistic AI experience that is both attractive and entertaining for users who want to interact with their favorite public figures.

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