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How to check the battery health of Samsung Galaxy phones?
 check battery health in Samsung Galaxy phones

Once Samsung started providing longer support periods for its Galaxy devices, it encouraged users to keep their devices for more than a year or two, as modern Samsung Galaxy devices receive operating system updates and new features for up to three or four years after their initial release.

However, battery health deterioration may lead some users to consider buying new phones, even though replacing the battery is an easy process and does not necessarily require changing the entire phone. Simply checking the phone battery's health and replacing it if necessary is sufficient.

How to Check Battery Health on Samsung Galaxy Phones

If you suspect that your Samsung Galaxy phone's battery needs to be replaced, you can use the Samsung Members app to check its health and determine the appropriate time for replacement. Here's how to do it:
How to Check Battery Health on Samsung Galaxy Phones
- To check battery health on Samsung Galaxy phones, download the Samsung Members app.
- Open the Samsung Members app on your phone.
- Tap on the "Support" option that appears at the bottom.
- Choose "Phone Diagnostics."
- Scroll down and select "Battery Status."

Your Samsung Galaxy smartphone can provide you with a quick report on the health of its battery in just a few seconds, which includes useful information such as the battery's age and remaining capacity as a percentage. If the battery's overall capacity is greater than 80% of the phone's original capacity, this indicates that the battery is working well and does not need to be replaced.

How to Check Battery Health on Samsung Galaxy Phones
If your phone's battery capacity is low, you can replace it if you notice that the phone is discharging quickly or experiencing any other battery-related issues. However, a decrease in overall capacity of less than 80% does not necessarily mean that you need to replace the battery immediately, as you can continue to use your phone with minor tweaks to settings and personal behavior to reduce power consumption.
Samsung has partnered with iFixit to make battery replacement easier, and they have made their battery replacement guides available to the public.
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