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When dealing with text on the Windows operating system, it is considered one of the best systems for handling copy and paste operations, among other things. However, sometimes errors may occur that include messages containing information that may not be understandable, such as problem definition codes. In these cases, the user needs to search for this code online, but the difficulty lies in the inability to copy the content of this message. The user is then forced to retype the entire text in the search engine, which can be tedious and difficult, especially when working with codes. Therefore, in this blog post, we will learn about a method that enables the user to copy any text on Windows, even if the system does not support copying. This tool is called Textify.

The Textify tool helps you to forcibly copy any non-copyable text anywhere in the Windows system.

The free and lightweight "Textify" tool, which supports almost all versions of the Windows operating system, will help you copy any non-copyable text anywhere within Windows, including error messages and settings..

»You can download the tool from the link provided here: Textify

»Once you run it, you can use the "Mouse shortcut" section to set up a mouse shortcut to convert any text within windows into copyable text.

For example, you can select the long-press of the Shift key and right-click, or use the Alt key and scroll wheel, and then click "Apply".

You can copy message content on the Windows operating system or in settings using the shortcut you have selected. The tool will make the text copyable, and then you can easily copy this content by right-clicking on the text and selecting "Copy". You can also select a specific part of the text instead of copying the entire text. The tool provides quick shortcuts for translating or searching for the text in Google, DuckDuckGo, or Wikipedia.

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