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If you don't have the skills or time to design graphics yourself, you can rely on professional online background generator websites with minimal effort. Graphics backgrounds are used in various designs and projects, including websites, software, games, drawings, logos, posters, and more. To create an abstract graphic background, you need to familiarize yourself with design techniques and become proficient in them.

3 sites to create professional abstract backgrounds for various designs and projects

The first website is SVG Wave:

This is a very simple website dedicated to creating wave backgrounds only. You can modify the shape of the waves, add a wave layer, control the wave height, and change the wave colors. The website also provides a button to generate random wave backgrounds in different shapes. After designing the background, you can download it to your device as a PNG image with a transparent background or as an SVG file.
SVG Wave

The second website is Background Generator:

With this website, you can generate or create graphic or abstract backgrounds by choosing from various layouts. These layouts consist of small dots that come together to form a unified shape. The great thing about this website is that you can replace those small dots with custom icons, either from the website itself or from your device.
The second website is Background Generator
There are many customization options available for these icons, such as changing their size, quantity, edges, rotation, and more. On the other hand, you can change the background dimensions and choose from pre-designed backgrounds for further customization. Finally, you can download the background to your device as an SVG, PNG, or JPEG image.

The third website is BGJar:


This website offers several professionally designed templates in the form of abstract graphic backgrounds. You can choose any template and customize it according to your preferences. The templates include geometric shapes, meteors or asteroids, slanted lines, waves, polygonal stars, maps, icons, circuit board panels, charts, and more. After selecting the template, you can change the background dimensions, colors, add gradients, and generate random symbols. Once you finish customizing the background, you can download it to your device as an SVG image or directly embed it into your project using the embedding code.

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