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The best AI tools that benefit teachers to enhance their teaching practices and professional experiences

If you are a teacher, using artificial intelligence tools will help you carry out tasks more efficiently, allowing you more time to focus on other priorities. Reports indicate that teachers work an average of about 50 hours per week, but they spend less than half of that time in direct interaction with students.

The best artificial intelligence tools that benefit teachers to enhance their teaching practices and professional experiences.
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Experts expect that the current advancements in artificial intelligence will contribute to accelerating the long-awaited transformation in educational systems towards a comprehensive model of learning. This transformation aims to equip students with critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills that will help them shape a better future. At the same time, teachers can leverage these technologies to enhance their teaching practices and professional experiences.

Therefore, today we will highlight the prominent artificial intelligence tools that assist teachers in simplifying their tasks and consequently saving time in the classroom. Teachers often point out that administrative tasks are the biggest source of exhaustion. By automating routine administrative tasks, artificial intelligence can facilitate teachers' workflow, granting them more time to build relationships with students and enhance their learning and development.

Top Useful AI Tools for Teachers  


The tool "Gradescope" provides teachers with the ability to efficiently manage the process of grading exams and projects, allowing them to focus their efforts on high-priority tasks. This tool facilitates the preparation, administration, and grading of paper-based, digital, and programming assignments, reducing grading time by 80% according to statistics.
"Gradescope" utilizes advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically collect similar answers, provide accurate feedback and comments, and offer detailed analyses. This enables teachers to identify areas in which their students need assistance.

-Research Rabbit:

The Research Rabbit tool allows you to search for scientific research papers that you need as a teacher. Additionally, it provides you with the ability to organize and easily share your research with others. You can organize your research into groups, and the tool uses machine learning to understand your needs and provide recommended suggestions that match your topic. In this way, it is similar to the Spotify app for research papers.

Using this tool is simple. Just enter the main keyword or phrase related to the research paper you need, and the Research Rabbit tool will search and present a list of relevant research papers using the Semantic Scholar or PubMed search engine. These search engines rely on artificial intelligence and have been developed by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

The tool also allows you to collaborate with others in the groups you create. You can share the groups via email and assist anyone in starting their research process. This way, teachers can teach their students how to effectively find research papers that will help them in presenting their reports.


The "Consensus" tool stands out as a search engine that utilizes large language models to answer research questions and provide reliable sources quickly. This engine relies on the database of the "Semantic Scholar" engine, which contains over 200 million research papers in various fields of science. 

Thanks to these language models, the "Consensus" tool can verify information and provide trustworthy answers to research questions. This serves as a measure to tackle the issue of misleading information and fake news that can be generated by artificial intelligence models. Consequently, it is not advisable to fully rely on their quick answers with complete confidence.

-Education Copilot:

The "Education Copilot" tool has been launched to assist teachers in easily and quickly creating organized lesson plans.This tool utilizes generative artificial intelligence techniques to generate ideas for lessons and projects, providing flexibility in editing and customizing them according to the teacher's needs.

Using "Education Copilot," teachers can input simple data to create lesson plans, educational newsletters, student reports, and project outlines, editing, formatting, and completing them in just a few minutes. This tool contributes to improving teaching efficiency and saving the time and effort required to prepare detailed lessons.

ReadCube Papers:

The "ReadCube Papers" tool, which relies on artificial intelligence, is used to assist teachers and academics in managing the references and scientific research they use in their work. This tool facilitates reading articles, commenting on them, and synchronizing them across their devices, allowing them to work on their research wherever they are.

To make the most of this tool, the "ReadCube Papers" add-on can be installed in the browser, enabling users to quickly identify the full location of articles and save them to their library while browsing.
The tool also offers the ability to create private shared groups to collaborate with up to 30 people simultaneously, making it an ideal feature for enhancing teacher-student collaboration in the research process.

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